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  1. Alan, here is a link to December 1970 Model Cars magazine with plans for the Elfin: https://www.slotforum.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=186757 Not being computer savvy I'm gonna feel really silly if that link don't work. Chris.
  2. Hi Matt, the Ninco 'Classic" tyres will fit the HIT wheels. All you have to do is grind a tad off the step. The MJK urethane replacement for the Ninco's will fit as well. My very first slot cars way back in 1966 were both HIT, a red Ford GT and followed up a few months later by the beige Corvette. Chris.
  3. Wow, turned out great, love that windscreen. I probably have spare most if not all the sponsor decals in my stash. If you want, let me know and I'll go through 'em and see what's there. Chris.
  4. I don't believe there is any need for blue flags, if the fast guys want a good result they have to pick their way through, plus it adds to the fun trying to find that sweet spot to get around. However, one of the groups I race with have two 4 lane ovals and it is a totally different mindset as everyone expects accidents. It's fantastic when you are having a really close dice, the slightest wiggle gives away half a cars length so it's maximum concentration, then you come up to lap slower cars. These guys want to join the fun and the faster guys KNOW either one or both will be taken out and sure as eggs it always happens. If you manage to get away unscathed you have a grin like you are about to swallow your ears but as I said no-one seems to mind as that's the nature of the beast on ovals. Chris.
  5. Now there is a Can-Am racer you don't see every day. Looking great so far, is it resin? Chris.
  6. There has been a mixed response on overseas forums to the 2019 list. If they all get released there is enough to tempt me, McLaren GTR's, BTCC, Toranas and Falcons. The Lotus 25 is a must have but the one that really fired me up was the Escort MK.1 in Gulf livery. A couple of years ago I had several attempts to do that scheme but the orange swirls on the sides beat me every time. Yeah, so cant wait for that sucker! Chris.
  7. Several years ago one of the guys in the club I race with did Amaroo Park on a standard sheet of mdf. It wasn't exact but certainly recognisable, even had the undulations. A small lap length but gee, it gave fabulous racing. Initially racers would have a frown when first seeing it but they always went home with a smile! I have a photo somewhere of a couple of V8's on the start line but sadly the track ended up at the tip following a move. Chris.
  8. Love Melbourne! We just did a two week driving holiday through Victoria and the only time it was a tad, umm, tense in the car was driving in from Canberra and arriving Melbourne on a rainy Friday night in peak hour. Me driving, sat nav on and HER navigating and I may have misinterpreted some instructions but still, on the bright side we drove down some streets we probably never would have. Made it to The Windsor, guy came and took our bags and as my car drove off I really hope that was the valet. Recommend The Spaghetti Tree for dinner and there are a myriad of fabulous little cafes for brunch and great coffee. The drive from the city to Lorne to start the Great Ocean Road was easy as. We hadn't been down here since not long after we were married, so maybe 1984. Still breathtaking but the biggest change were road signs in Chinese. Had every weather from lovely spring days to howling gale, rain horizontal and pounding seas. Loved it! From Port Fairy we then did The Silo Trail through western Victoria, really is big sky country. So much better than I expected and totally recommended. Couldn't avoid running over the longest snake I've ever seen near Patchewollock. Paul, don't worry about driving on the left side of the road. If I can drive on the wrong side in Hawaii you can too! Just set the cruise control and enjoy. Chris.
  9. Hi Matt hope you don't think I was being picky. Really enjoying what you have been doing. My sister gave me a Tokyo Plamo Cooper-Ford for my 14th birthday back in '67. Loved that model just wish I knew about grippy tyres. Did a bit of research after a spot of gardening: http://lascm.com/Slot-Car-Museum/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=4_1206_1085_1087&products_id=6577 Chris. (man, really hope that link works!)
  10. Great work on the Ferrari sharknose. Don't think it's Cox, just with a glimpse of the chassis, Nichimo maybe? Fabulous job getting 'em back on the track. Chris.
  11. Thanks for posting this. I then had to google NZ Railways, you guys had some cool loco's! Chris.
  12. For me, the biggest issue with Forums was when Photobucket bunged on their act. I've read that they have been bitch-slapped into taking a softer approach to posting photos so if that's true my daughter is going to walk me through setting up a new account as I'm computer inept. Then I can post pictures of my crappy projects (you should see my pack of Patto's Monaros ) Chris.
  13. Gee, the way the decal curves around the nose fits it like a glove. Lookin' great! Chris.
  14. Great project, they were really competitive in the club I was in back in the day! If you have trouble getting the old decals off, I'd try caustic soda. I've had success with stripping back '60's bodies with it. Keep an eye on Pattos site, when he is back up and running he would have tyres to fit plus he has a vac. formed Lotus 30 for the windscreen at a pinch. Worst case scenario, you go to Pauls Slot Car Shop on e-bay and he does a ship load of vintage tyres. And he is a good guy to deal with! Chris.
  15. Always liked racin' on this track, never had an issue. Chris.
  16. Patto does the decals. He also does a wheel insert, WIC 7-15 that might do the trick. Cheers, Chris.
  17. Thankfully there are always exceptions to the norm, I bought several slot car short track oval modifieds from NY Modifieds. They went out of their way to get me the cheapest postage. Chris.
  18. Fabulous looking models. I bought a Fiat 850 coupe in 1970. Being a sucker for punishment I sold it and bought a newer version with the built in driving lights and 903cc of grunt. Handling was sweet as but man, I sure got sick of changing those head gaskets. Chris.
  19. What a fabulous looking collection! Probably my favourite period for the ATCC. Chris.
  20. Hi Andrew, the only experience I've had with pushing a button to get into the pits was a couple of years ago a guy used the Peco units for switching the points on a model rail-road layout. Worked really well, push one to enter the pits and while refuelling push again to close then push the button next to it to get the pit exit open, then you had to push that one again to close on leaving. Just had to remember to push the buttons otherwise you came hurtling into the pits again next lap Chris.
  21. Looks fabulous. Great setting with your diner as backdrop. Chris.
  22. Franks well travelled Camaro! Started out as a Trans Am racer (*I think* there was some association with Penske), then off and raced in Germany and ended up with Frank Gardner and the SCA team. Competed in the BTCC then out here and ran the support races for the '73 Tasman Series. Sold to Bob Jane as part of the deal for the honking big motor out of Janes Camaro which went into the SCA Gen. 2 Camaro for Gardner. His original Camaro was bought / sold / raced several times until going into storage for many years. Finally resurfaced and went back to the UK for a total rebuild back to its 1972ish form. The model started out as a Revell kit that has been reissued multiple times but sadly I haven't seen it for a few years now. Cut out the bonnet and glued in one from a Revell '69 Camaro to get the air scoop. The chassis and interior are from a Scalextric '69 Camaro that only needed a bit of massaging to get to fit. Not uncommon for cars of that era to have mismatched wheels which curiously really appeals to me so it has SCX Escort Minilites on the front and the rears are from one of those over scale SCX F1's from the 1990's. If I squint hard enough they kinda / sorta / almost look like the Lola hubs Gardner used. Looks like it sits a bit high but is a tad lower than a Pioneer Mustang. Thanks for looking. Chris.
  23. Mmmmmmmm, I'm lovin' it. Really gives me an urge to break out my Z Z Top albums Chris.
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