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  1. That is a great looking Nova, lots of detail has been put into it. Chris.
  2. Nice bit of surgery there! You really exploited those rear wheel bulges, looks terrific. Chris.
  3. I think it looks fabulous. I'm a firm believer in the one metre rule, you did it to be a slot car and so once it's out on the track and racing any faults you think are there will disappear. Well done. Chris.
  4. I dunno, maybe it depends on how many in your race group and how many actually want to do it. Say you ran 4 classes in a night and then ran this Run Whatcha Brung as the final event, the guys who don't want to do it can go home and the guys who do can have a mess around with or without the lap counter on. Or, you could run sub groups within the one class, the fast cars up together, then the next slowest and so on. One of the race groups I'm in were at an impasse about a new class. We ended up using Patto's 1/32 scale FJ Holden shell with either scratchbuilt plastic or any old chassis out of the spares box and what a success! Guys who hadn't done any of that sort of modelling for many years really enjoyed it so much so we started another class, same deal chassis wise but any choice of Patto's body. This has led to a third class using a Pendles plastic chassis which we got landed for about $9 each and any Patto's Aussie muscle car from 1967-80. No sticky tyres just stuff out of your spares bin, cars sliding around, similar performance what a hoot. Sorry to ramble, just home from our 38th wedding anniversary, several beers and a couple of bottles of wine and a great meal. Chris.
  5. You could try having a look at the paint section in auto accessory shop like Repco. The Dupli-Color DST219 Tidal Blue might go close and it's metallic. Chris.
  6. Sorry, just noticed they are out of stock
  7. This one is a little closer to home: https://www.eroma.com.au/decal-inkjet-white/ Hope this helps. Chris.
  8. Scalextric A.C.T run a class for combined Group A and Supertouring. We get a good variety of models and since there has been no racing since March when we resume there will be at least two resin Holdens. That really is a cool looking track. Chris.
  9. Looks great, thanks for all the effort. Chris.
  10. Yeah baby! Now, THAT'S a race car, looks fabulous. Well done, Chris.
  11. I'm a bus driver here and about five weeks ago an older age Chinese lady got on in the city with a heap of full shopping bags. The bus meandered through the 'burbs and arrived at her stop in Hughes. Taking her time to get organised I popped my head around and asked if she wanted a hand, "No, it's ok". As she left I noticed all the bags were full of packs of toilet paper so with a smirk I said "Curry for dinner tonight?" but she just gave me an odd look. Going down to my local Coles to get some fruit bread yesterday I looked but wasn't surprised to see the tissue and toilet paper section empty and I thought of that Chinese lady with her pantry full of toilet paper and she thinking 'Who is smirking now, baldy?' As John Lennon sang "Nobody told me there would be days like these" stay safe, stay happy and stay in touch. Chris.
  12. If I do another track it will be this one as a three laner:
  13. Here is a link for V.I.P. : https://www.philsmith.co.uk/VIP/1967pt1.htm Going to feel pretty silly if the link doesn't work Chris
  14. Here in Canberra I have the opportunity to race every Friday night with three different race groups. Why there are three is the usual boring clash of personality, rule changes etc., I'm just here to enjoy racin'. With a bit of cross-over two groups average 7 - 10 turning up while the third has been kept to six, we have been racing together for many years and is slowly morphing into scratchbuilt racing. Guys who haven't built a chassis or painted up a body for many years are really getting into it. We started out with one class, now three and already talk of a fourth for 2021. I started slot car racing in 1965 and moved here in the mid 1980's. A chance meeting and we started Scalextric ACT in 1994 and over the years seen a lot of people come and go (just like on this Forum!) for various reasons. Younger people probably see the hobby as a bit of a novelty but really get their kicks with virtual racing and they don't even have to leave home. We were going on holidays last year so I bought an English model railroad magazine, mainly because it had a free card signal box kit on the cover but the editorial was interesting as they spoke about falling membership at model railroad clubs. Like our hobby it has an ageing fan base and went on to say that very soon members would not even leave home, just turn on the computer and take their virtual new loco along to their mates new virtual lay-out. As for new membership drives, gotta admit I get a bit gun shy. It can bring a lot of positives but the risk of negatives as well. Once you open the door you loose control of who walks in...…. Getting back to that model railway magazine, there was a great cartoon as well. The caption was 'Model railways in the 1950's' and a guy happily puffing away on his pipe tinkering with a detailed layout. The next panel was 'Model railways in 2019' and a guy on the computer with a loco on it's side and half a dozen bits of track on a table. So, better get off this thing as I have two of Pattos HQ Monaro's to paint up. Keep enjoying the hobby! Chris.
  15. Pretty sure the yellow Porsche is VIP. The one under that is Revell from one of the set cars I think. Chris.
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