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  1. Ant, no it isn't its a little bigger than your standard figure of 8, but its alot funner tailgating your mates and presuring them to come off around corners!! Jake
  2. Ive signed :rofl: im number 147... Jake
  3. Ant, welcome to the forum!!, If you want to get a digital track with a powerbase the scalextrix lane change challenge is worth around $350 (I think, you could probably get one from armchair racer which is in sydney also im pretty sure slotshop is from there also... Link to Armchair Racer SlotShop The adresses of where they are should be on the site somwhere Cheers. Jake
  4. Hey... this post is also on Mr.Slotcars forum but i thought i would post them here too Its a little bigger than a slotcar though.... Heres some pics of my Twin... It does wheelstands in forward and reverse and can take off quicker than a RotaxMax 125cc gokart! Hope you guys enjoy Cheers Jake
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG SPENDER!!! Have a good one! Jake
  6. isnt about time slot.it release the digital controller Looks awesome though haha have fun Jake
  7. FAROUT!!! How many cars do you have!!
  8. Jabob

    Viper Valley Raceway

    This track is INSANE!, good job mate... Did you make that program all by yourself?? Jake
  9. Jabob

    My Home Track

    Yay another digital racer Good job mate... Are you going to landscape it in the future
  10. Thanks mate !! Yeah it all works I never new somthing so simple could make such a difference. Thanks! I owe you one Jake
  11. Gday, Ive got a really frustrating problem with my powerbase. Every time i go to start a race the powerbase will make a really anoying beeping sound and on the screen it will come up "HC Error" does anyone know what the problem is and how to fix it?? Jake
  12. Jabob

    Bathurst 2007

    oh yeah!, how was it Lav?? I couldnt find where the VB tent was... :chainsaw: Jake
  13. Slotcars can go that fast?? :chainsaw:
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