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  1. Happy belated Birthday Matt, hope it was a good 'un
  2. Happy b'day guys... keep on slottin'
  3. Happy Birthday mate, hope it was a good one...
  4. Natures way of saying slow down Moe, better take heed... Still hope your feeling better
  5. Yet another thanks to all the organisers, helpers, track owners, and ferllow contestants. The journey has been great, I've even been amused or was that bemused by the petty bickering. For a first time proxy entrant mid-pack didn't appear too bad Cheers Glenn
  6. gah5


    If it bothers you so much, just send it my way.....
  7. with much regret, cannot go.....and depression sets in...
  8. Great...its been really good watching the proxy run, being run and a little gratifying the car is going ok mid-field..can't ask for more than that in a first proxy.
  9. Beginning to think I'm turning into a certain dog wonder called Emo....
  10. Hmmm..Gah5----Skatey, powerful, taily, tyres not glued somewhere it's lost the glue...
  11. gah5

    Your Crust

    Field Services Lead Technician - for a large multi-national Computer company
  12. gah5

    Happy Birthday Ian

    happy Birthday Ian, has it been 12 months already?
  13. Great review there Brett, thanks for taking the time to share. Will be interesting to see what the "boys" think. Looks a lot larger than the Ninco ?? That would be because its 1/28 scale not 1/32
  14. happy Birthday Dick, have a few Sherbets today...
  15. gah5

    Round 6 Woodlands

    sorry to hea that Glenn! Have you spoken to Steve about your software? Glenn its sittingn here was waiting to hear if you were coming now theres incentive! Pretty good incentive, i agree, still couldn't make it
  16. Happy Birthday Matt, hope it went well..
  17. Happy Birthday Shane... :arggg: :alcohol: :cry:
  18. gah5

    Happy Birthday Glenn!

    Thanks guys had a not bad day (worked), great feed, and some cash to splash on my choice. Hmm.. decisions, decisions
  19. gah5

    Making Inserts

    great post, needs to be 'stickied'
  20. gah5

    Round 5 Results

    Congratulations to all who attended, and the winners too. I must say its much more pleasurable driving a good handling car, I feel I'm getting better, and preparing cars better, its just not being reflected in placings yet. Gref any chance of a laps breakdown as well? I'd be interested to see how close some of the mid pack were..
  21. gah5

    Happy Birthday Rob!!

    Happy Birthday mate...hope the studies get over quickly, and you get back racing...
  22. gah5

    Round 5 Details

    Ouch...as usual I'm way off the pace Im looking forward to this rnd, will be great to see how the LMP's go around the Kingleman. Glenn that time was the avg for the Nats last year, pole was 9.0 and the majority were around 9.4 Mines running about 1 sec a lap slower..... must be doin' something badly again... Maybe its my s**t driving
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