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  1. pezzwa

    Copper Tape

    just wondering where to buy some copper tape for my new track and whats the best glue to stick it down thanks
  2. chevrons are great... add gulf paint and their dreamy top work
  3. thanks for a great night pete myself and jade had a ball.... and jade is pretty chuffed with winning the lucky door prize too. will see you soon for some racing
  4. hey pete, is saturday night still a goer?
  5. pezzwa

    Proslot Cars

    i got my first proslot car today and i'm stoked with it. it's the porsche 956c jagermeifter runs great on the routed track
  6. well i've hade some track time on pete's track and all i can say is wow... i love it well done pete! love my new car too!
  7. pezzwa

    I'm Back

    just planning on racing at area3@wyong
  8. pezzwa

    I'm Back

    well its been about a year, so its time to dust of the cars and get back into it howdy again folks
  9. was just after the most common way to wire up a track quick diagram..
  10. thanks pete for organising a great event and to all the other drivers for making it a great day it shouldn't be long and mick will be up to pace as he know wants to build a track one race and he is hooked. can't wait for the next race
  11. pezzwa

    Shekinah Park Raceway

    the bar is rising lads is this the high jump? no... pollvault.... arrh... yep... i'm a nutter
  12. i haven't been on here for a while, was wondering if there are and more people from the newcastle/ hunter vally region
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