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  1. xr8


    Just picked up Scalextric batmobile and can't believe no Robin figure, nice model though
  2. xr8

    Ninco F1

    All sold thanks
  3. xr8

    Ninco F1

    Great idea but I do Rc boating on the same day, but thanks anyway
  4. xr8

    Ninco F1

    Price adjustment
  5. xr8

    Ninco F1

    3. Ninco F1 cars in good condition, Stewart Ford, Ferrari and Jordan. Early cars and all steering works and cars run fine $90.00 + $10.00 reg post or pick is fine
  6. We have the same group of guys for the last 10 years come to my place every fortnight, and we have only lost/ punted a couple who were to serious.
  7. xr8

    Carrera Tow Truck

    Had a look at one today and they are small and don't appeal to me...so I guess I'm out
  8. xr8

    Carrera Tow Truck

    I was wondering if anyone has bought a Carrera Tow truck??? Recommend to buy or is it a bit ordinary????????????
  9. xr8

    Hobby Or Addiction

    I too am sadly an addict or as my wife say a "lunatic"
  10. How good is Trackmate and the customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Thanks to Joe z and boslot we are alive and I can not thank you guys enough
  12. It has arrived, not bad as I ordered it last Saturday
  13. according to UPS it should be here today, very fast from Canada.
  14. Thanks for all the input and advice Trackmate has been ordered and on it's way. Dale
  15. I have been told to buy trackmate which I will but what computer will I need. Someone on here sell track mate I was given a name but forgot it. Dale
  16. I don't know but for 18 months it would come up with "lost communication" or would freeze, or just stop when the lights went green and wouldn't count, I have no idea but I was over it. And it did it every time we raced so Friday was the last day it will ever do it
  17. Due to a computer that played up once to often I ripped it out and gave it a suitcasing and binned it. I will get a new computer but need someone to install a program and re connect it and it needs to be just a simple as it can be. 4 lanes, wooden and all the plugs are there but I have no idea on what system, we had race co ordinator and was done by someone else but was always a pain in the arse. I am in western Sydney and does anyone need to earn some money and help us out. Dale 0414635928
  18. xr8

    Emerald Raceway

    Great work
  19. What footprint does this track require ??
  20. xr8

    Mt Icering

    Well it's been awhile and your old track Mt Icering is still going but is about 2 metres longer, and we still use Warwick Farm every second Friday at my place, Boslots old track.
  21. Being re released again this year ?????????????
  22. xr8

    Christmas 2015

    I hope everyone here has a great Christmas and a safe New year with loved ones and maybe a few cars under the tree,hehehehehe. Dale
  23. xr8


    Thanks for the tips and I made up some today and lightly hazed it on a high speed corner,scuffed up the mjk's on a nsr and it was a jet..I made up 300ml and it was the lightest shade of pink, results are excellent.Dale
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