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  1. Thanks Guys Will give the Laminate adhesive a try, Bunnings that makes it easy. Thanks again.
  2. Hi guys I've got a routed MDF 16 x 8 track done with Copper Tape & Ferrodor paint that winches up into the ceiling of my games room, (was 2 car Garage corrigated Steel roof) as you can Imagine it gets pretty warm up there, and the copper tape is at the point where it no longer wants to stick. I'm looking at replacing it all with Magnabraid but i'm still concered about the adhesive for sticking it down, what would you reccomend given that temps in Melbourne range from Zero - 40 degrees. I'll also have to re-route the slots with the braid recess, where's the best place to get this type of Router bit. Thanks in advance Dave.
  3. Hi Trotty Yea mate you're right it is the Mods you mentioned plus the latesst V8 supercars, Renault Meganes and a 2006 all Mini series, rFactor is included in the disc along with all the Mods, I have a full blown Simulator setup with a G25 wheel and the game emmersion is amazing, I use headphones and Mic when racing so that drivers can talk to each other, although when we race at work we all use hand controllers and our lap times are generally within 1 second of the simulator times, even around the biggest tracks. Not sure about the problems you've experienced, 2 weeks ago with another clan we had over 20 cars on the server and raced a 3 hour Bathurst enduro 2 drivers per car doing driver swaps during pit stops and nobody reported any lagging or drop out in fact 1 driver was using a dial up modem, quite a few use wireless, so who knows maybe it's luck of the draw. Anyway be good to to see you on for a run when you're able, Monday night is only temp at this stage, we'll be running 3 nights, Historix (Touring Cars), Meganes or Mini's, & V8 Supercars so people can run 1 series or all 3 if they are unmarried, there are usually guys on every night having a practice and setting up a quick race. I keep the server up 24/7, even had a couple of Kiwis join us the other night may have to run a Trans Tasman Challenge at some stage. As i said we are just starting out so lots of things to be decided got to get numbers up first. Cheers Dave.
  4. OK Guys if you want to get involved PM me your postal address and I'll send you the Disc. Which has full installation instructions included this is great fun belive me especaially racing Online with 10 - 20 other guys. We are also setting up Teamspeak Free download all you need is a headset with microphone, so everyone can speak to each other while racing or practicing, adds another dimension to it with friendly banter. Cheers Dave
  5. Silver rocket if you go to our site via the link and give us some contact details (Introduce yourself) I'll forward a disc to you with everything on it, some Mods can't be downloaded any more. and youwould need to buy the game to run it. This waqy it's all on the one disc
  6. Yep no worries that's bigger than mine. You lucky devil Dave
  7. Gazza Looks good got the Porsche wheel not bad, I use a Logitech G25 with a 32" flat screen TV as a monitor
  8. Perfect, will do the job no problems at all. Dave
  9. Hi Guys, I havn't been around here for a little while been busy setting up an online sim racing group. We race Historic Touring & GT Cars 60s & 70s everything you can think of Cortinas, Alfas, Ferraris, GT40, Cooper S, you name it it's there. Theres also Bathurst Legends Monaro's, Xw & Y GT's etc. And the V8 Supercar series we run FG & VE Latest 2009 cars, we race on Aussie tracks 1967 Bathurst, Warrick Farm, Amaroo, Oran Park, Calder, 22 Aussie tracks in all. Software is all free, you just need a reasonable computer, Broadband connection. & $20 Controller, we are all beginners so with a little practice you will be competitive. Races are Monday Night, Just log onto the server and race. Normally 3 races with Pit Stops on 3 Different Tracks. If interested have a look here http://fartcan-racing.forumotion.net/ Cheers Dave
  10. Like Beechey you'll love this, check it out http://australianscreen.com.au/title...p-chase/clip1/ __________________ Dave The link brings up a 404 error so when you get to that page type Lakeside into the search box top left and select the top option
  11. Like Beechey you'll love this, check it out http://australianscreen.com.au/title...p-chase/clip1/ __________________ Dave
  12. Thanks Gazza You guys have inspired me i'm about to get into a Mustang and give it the PHAT look Nothing looks better than a Sports Sedan.
  13. Hi Vinno Love the work on the BA can I ask what use use is it normal boidy filler or something special, and will this be a shelf queen or do you intend racing it, just wondering how the mods would stand up to full on racing Cheers Dave
  14. Hi Phil, missed out on the first batch so i'm looking forward to the re-release, will be after 2 x XY's. Cheers Dave
  15. Will send PM with details
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