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  1. Wow good effort Was the car printed standing on its end or is that just the layer transition creating the lines across the body? No need to work on the Nissan, I can repair myself send what you have.
  2. Hi Nimrod That must take some time to print at that layer height, what post process do you use to smooth out the finish? Ill take up your offer on the Nissan. Regards Wayne
  3. I've just finished building a hypercube evolution (HEVO) 3D printer, I still have some tuning to do but it should be ready to go soon. I have also been working on a v8 supercar chassis for the Holden and Ford but with all this body printing going on, I may have to make it suit the Nissan. Curious as to what filament you are printing the bodies with and the print setting layer height and nozzle size etc
  4. Probably best to start with Fusion 360 its free to use and there is plenty of you tube tutorial videos to get started. When Installing the program make sure you select hobbiest as type of user.
  5. WKM

    Digital Track Design

    I used the same paint unfortunately they have discontinued that line now. I applied an acrylic undercoat sealer that was sanded back smooth and then sprayed the surface with the enamel based paving paint.
  6. WKM

    Digital Track Design

    Does the outer facing track loop fold out as you lower the main table down? yes Wondering how the fold out tilt panels latch? I have used hinges that have a tight tolerance, once lowered I have some over centre latches that pull the track a couple of mm to line up the slots no dowels or through rods required.
  7. WKM

    Digital Track Design

    Yes all lanes are now braided and powered, still need to finish all the lane changers and some track barriers.
  8. Good point Phil, I've edited the post.
  9. WKM

    Digital Track Design

    It takes about 12-15 min to pack up, Im sure over time I will get quicker and reach my target of 5-10min
  10. WKM

    Digital Track Design

    Finished braiding one lane last night and couldn't resist turning a few laps http://youtu.be/nhGXBNO9YZM
  11. Most of the picture links are broken in this post, and of coarse I wired my track incorrectly and stuffed my controller, so here's how it's done using Australian 240V plug as connector. Part of this diagram is copied from "Fergy's Place" NOTE: The colours don't follow any sort of logical colour code except the two wires coming from the power supply.
  12. WKM

    Digital Track Design

    Ive also spent some time developing a 3D printed flipper and lane changer mechanism. My first attempt was designed with a 400mm length lane change. Im using a $3.20 solenoid from Ebay http://www.ebay.com....353.m1438.l2649 During the track design phase I decided to increase the length to 600mm mainly to reduce the lane change angle. The downside was the flipper length also increased, if I increased the length to 800mm the flipper became longer and thinner which was impractical to print and mayde susceptible to damage.
  13. WKM

    Digital Track Design

    I guess, great slot minds think a like
  14. WKM

    Digital Track Design

    Hi Guys Ive had some delays building the track, as I needed to do some much needed repair/renovations to the garage. Anyway, I thought I would post a tip to paint the slot, I was getting frustrated with just using a small brush trying to get the paint to the bottom of the slot and ending up over painting the braid recess. Use a 10ml syringe while traversing along the slot about 1 meter squeezing the paint in at the same time. Then use a small brush to spread the paint, as you traverse the slot with the paintbrush, paint should build up in the slot and flow out onto the braid recess, very easy! Cut my under coating time down by at least 50% with excellent coverage as well.
  15. WKM

    Digital Track Design

    I have finally started the build, here is a pic of the track laid out on the garage floor.
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