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  1. WAzzAW01

    Online Fun

    Just found this one in my travels around the interweb. Good fun, shame about the competition!!! Scaletric Simulator
  2. WAzzAW01

    Digital Release

    found the scx digital on the shelf the other day. it doesn't seem to be compatable with old scx track, and the price ($500au for min setup ) seems to be a bit over the top. Are there any reviews out on the new track? I will be keenly awaiting the scalextric version of the technology to see how it compares.
  3. WAzzAW01

    Digital Release

    I was wondering if anyone knew when the Scalextric digital was to be released in Australia, approximate prices and dealers i can purchase it from? Is it worth the investment over "classic" track?
  4. when were you were going to get rid of it? Inform me when you do, and i'll purchase some unwanted track and accessories.
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