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  1. Crickey if the cars are only 5/8th in real life then that makes the cars 1/51 scale. Thats smaller than the GO cars at 1/43 scale. Here's one at Charlotte,you can see a full size Sprint Cup car behind it Dirt version
  2. I'm keen for the Legends cars, I got to drive a dirt one recently and they are a heap of fun.
  3. The Williams van was their own creation, based on a Renault Espace. that was back when they were running the factory renault motors. http://www.williamsdb.com/cgi-bin/williamsdb/page.pl?title=Matra-Williams-Renault%20Espace%20F1&page=info/espace They should have taken it and the Supervan and had a race.
  4. Are the legends cars going to be 1/32?
  5. blue95

    Scx Matchbox Volvos

    Nice, I got one of te Brock one to go with my Scalextric Brad Jones Audi
  6. blue95

    Ambrose On The Move

    I hope he gets into a good car, the rumour is he is leaving because he drove Jeff Gordon's car at a test and found out what he is missing out on.
  7. BTW Jim Richards was a multiple Australian Touring car championship winner and won the Bathurst 1000 7 times before 'retiring'. After that he's gone on to and win Targa Tasmaina a heap of times and racing Historic touring cars and Porshe Carrera cup. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Richards_(racing_driver)
  8. Nice, I'll have to get mine out for a play again some time soon.
  9. Did you re-shell the Alfa or dump the whole thing?
  10. I knew it looked familiar, here's a pic of he real 22 car at the recent Sonoma Historics after a last corner incident.
  11. blue95

    Ambrose On The Move

    The rumour is he might be taking over the 9 car from Kasey Kahne next year.
  12. I used Tamiya Orange on mine and my Bob Jane Le Mans Porsche. http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=6510 http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5237
  13. I was over there recently, didn't find any slotcar shops but was very tempted by a Scalextric USA Tans Am set they had for sale at the shop at Infineon Raceway, but it wouldn't fit in my luggage. I did have a go of a portable NASCAR track on the infield of Charlotte Motor Speeway before the All Star race. And made it onto the leaderboard with a 2.639 sec lap
  14. Nice attention to detail there, towing the Ferrari the correct way for a rear engined car.
  15. I still support your idea. The real race is the greatest motorsport adventure left on earth.
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