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  1. Thanks Callan, I've been a bit over stressed with this proxy, building the car and getting it ready was always a race against time, something which I always try to avoid, but as we all know life issues often get in the way and the best laid plans etc etc........... The cars are coming north now and it will give me a chance to witness first hand what is going on. For me ,its important not to be shooting the messenger and I do appreciate all the work that people go to to organise themselves to provide venues for our little cars to race on. I do feel I have to go outside and give myself a good talking to!!
  2. Thanks Callan for that feedback, really helps me understand the lack of performance, What I cannot understand is that in the pre race shakedown run by Lenny prior to our proxy starting, he stated that my car was easy to drive with good grip, with that I'm now down to the rear of the field, with Phils feedback suggesting my car is over powered with no grip. Cannot understand where the car could have picked up the super glue as the car left my place running quite strong and consistent This is just another chapter in Proxy racing and the frustrations that come with that Thanks again Terry
  3. Cheers Phil, Pretty little thing don't you think?
  4. With a heavy heart I have now sold my track. Thanks to you who expressed interest. Terry
  5. Firstly congrats to the podium getters, er winners....what do you call those who reach the podium??? So good to see that Flannos' are still the thing to wear in the fashion capital of the south, good to see familiar faces, there is some comfort to all of us mere mortals that our little cars are in such good and capable hands, except my #47 of course! So Phil, is there something going on here??? Not only did my #47 158 bomb out in the race but I didn't even get a pic of my car! Did it actually participate at all? Seriously, it is good to have you running this round, it gives our proxy a warm and fuzzy feeling to know that KalbfellP is on the job! Bring on the next round, frankly I need a result guys,Eric is already too far ahead of me now. Terry( the trackless one)
  6. a few more pics
  7. sh Lack of space and a shift in priorities have forced me to put my 3 lane CNC routed MDF track up for sale. The footprint of the track is 4.7m x 1.7m (16.45 metres in length), all lanes being of equal length. Magnabraid has been installed with a berger jet dry paving paint surface, track will be sold with Trackmate lap timing. This track comes on a timber frame with trolley wheels, good storage underneath and easily transportable, especially if you decide to use a flat bed tilt tray, my last move from Newcastle to Kurri Kurri(where the track is now housed) cost $130.00 Track is in a ready to race condition everything works with no maintenance issues. $700.00 happy to answer any questions Thank you Terry
  8. terry

    Track Number 4

    For me the MrTrax setup is very appealing, I presently have my 3 lane MDF CNC routed track and I love it, but, as the years have gone by I'm finding it more and more difficult to justify the space which my track occupies, mob track is 4.7 x 1.8 and although its a little on the smallish size it has done me well for over10 years or so, like others I have seen the MrTrax product on line and did not really appreciate the practicality of the product till now, Seeing Charlies comments and seeing the way he tucks it away when not in use really appeals to me. I will be seriously considering jumping on board with Mrtrax, problem is how do I dispose of my present track?
  9. Thanks for getting the qualifying results to us Lenny, Finally racing has begun and I'm looking forward to the results for round1. Be good to see some pics of the cars if that's possible Terry
  10. terry

    M2 Allen Keys

    It seems I'm in a permanent pickle when it comes to using this rather insignificant little tool.... Too often I find my Allen key burred over and slipping inside the screw, very frustrating, and although I have to constantly remind myself to be a little gentle I still seem to be having far too many recurring issues, So, my fellow forum friends, I'm reaching out to you to try and find a suitable solution, is there a better one to be had? I presently use NSR replacement tips, I have a couple of burred out SlotIt types here as well(unusable). Any help is much appreciated, Terry
  11. looking good for a full(ish) grid Good stuff
  12. I saw Johnny Harvey race at Westmead Speedway( now Westmead Hospital), must have been around 1964/5 The speedway people loved him, almost as much as Jeff Freeman
  13. Looking at the pics I should explain the idea around my decision to put in a pivot, I was thinking that a little bit of flex would be desirable, although some would argue that these little cars don't respond to that I still wanted to see for myself with this build, The pivot arms can vary in diameter and for this build I used 1.2mm thick piano wire, in hindsight I maybe could have gone down to 1mm diameter, I don't get too much movement in this chassis, certainly not as much as I was hoping for, although the car does run quite nice. For an alternative feel I am in the midst of another build and in this build I will go for a 1mm torsion bar set up.
  14. No problems IM Its a bit mucky, maybe I should have given it a bath before I took the pics!
  15. I originally built this to compete in the 2020 Tasman Proxy series, obviously with all that has happened that didn't happen so with the 2021 series being planned I thought it would be a nice thing to get the car finished, Just a couple of the car..... As in previous years the car features the FF050 motor with 9:24 off set SlotIt inline gears, Pauls tyres all round and all up it weighs in at around 55 grams. Initial testing saw the car lapping around my place at 4.7 or so which although a little off the pace from 2019 still fairly okay, hopefully further tidying up may see the car a tad quicker. Not too sure if this car will front the 2021 grid as I have a Ferrari 158 on the jig and that is now half done, Funny thing that once I got back onto the build I'm all refreshed and looking forward to getting the Ferrari done with a Honda RA271 also planned, Hope you like the pics Terry
  16. The host of Round 5, Eric, would like to enter his RA271 Honda with the number 58 please Lenny. Terry
  17. I know there has been some comments regarding next years Tasman proxy, but can anyone tell me where those postings are? Terry
  18. I'm really keen to see a in line version of this pod, I have too many older Scaley F1 cars here which are in need of this very thing. I'll be keeping an eye out for any further developments Terry
  19. Hi John, Hands up for a XD please, Terry
  20. Sadly for us all, Big Micks' car was super quick, I always looked forward to running Round 4,
  21. I'm in.......someone here had commented "that is the ugliest car I've ever seen" I can post a pic now if thats okay???
  22. Although i have been very fortunate to pick up some much needed spares for these little beauties I still would like to pick up more if I can, So if there is anything out there I would be very interested. Thanks for any help Terry
  23. Thanks mark, I've sent you a PM
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