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  1. Thanks guys, I'm not doing this for anyone else but me, but its real nice to get some feedback, For me its a very satisfying thing to do, theres way too many negatives out there and this is just the perfect way to chill and do something I get a lot of pleasure, when my little cars do get track time either here or in the Tasman I'm always keen to see how the car goes and hopefully learn from whatever shortcomings the racing brings
  2. More progress on the little Elfin, just about got all the suspension bits fitted, burnt finger tips and all, I know you may think "what's the point?" with all this, no track here at the moment, no Tasman race to race this car, too much wire and brass for my liking and all that stuff, but bear with me here guys, I'm having an all right time getting this little car together. there is more to come Terry
  3. After sitting on the shelf for way too long I have started the build on the Elfin Mono. Inspired by FPR7 from 2017 Tasman proxy series I thought it appropriate that this little car should see the light of day, obviously still some way to go but the hard stuff has been done( I hope) and just now to do the suspension and paint, Thanks for this body Phil, Unlke my past Tasman cars this car features a Slimline chassis from Pendle, this chassis absolutely blitzed the field back in 2016( I think,) no doubt someone will correct me on that, the chassis is very easy to put together and fits this quite thin body nicely
  4. I can only back up what the others have said, Get off this forum, get to work Vlad!
  5. Is there a queue starting here? I would be keen to get this when it becomes available
  6. I know its all a bit ahead of time, but in lockdown what better way to occupy the mind?? I don't think anyone need fear if my last effort is anything to go by............ BTW Paul, is your Ferrari a Penelope body? Terry
  7. Typical of me is to start a new build at the end of a just completed Tasman Series,this build follows that rather strange pattern. Nothing too different for me as I had this chassis laying around and I had the body which I got from Phil about 18 months back I began the build as a lockdown thing, as we are in a lockdown and there is absolutely no way I was not going to do something "slot related" No track as yet for me to test on but that's okay I will get to that in good time Hopefully we will see a 2022 Tasman series and just maybe a chance for this to race
  8. Not being entirely selfish but could my #47 car get the tyres cleaned please? It may help
  9. I've still got this beautiful 956 wanting a new home! I'll take any reasonable(sensible) offers.................... As above unopened and mint $60 plus postage
  10. Toyotas' are on their way to their new home, Thanks Matt Terry
  11. All cars on their way to new homes, Thanks Guys Terry
  12. All cars have been sold, pending payment, PM's sent Terry
  13. This car has been removed"for a look" but no track time and in a perfect condition $55.00 plus postage Like the "RAW" car this car has been removed from its shrink wrap but no track time absolutely as new $55.00 plus postage Saving the unboxed R89C for last, completely mint unwrapped, $60.00 plus postage
  14. Toyotas' are provisionally, sold pending payment
  15. All Toyotas have been sold Thank you Terry
  16. Paul has asked me to post this pic of his track, apologising for the somewhat "hazy" image. The track is big enough to have 1/32 and 1/24 cars, coming from a former commercial setup close to Pauls, and from the centre run by Wayne Bramble. Pauls' had the track for probably 6 years now and we run our 1/32 racing racing there, Again apologies for this pic but Lenny wanted the pic so you all can see what the track is about Terry
  17. Lenny has been advised that the cars have been posted Now on their way to South Aussie. Terry
  18. Paul has reported that the race has been cancelled due to concerns regarding Covid and the lockdown in the Central Coast. All was going well with drivers and marshalls in place, but due to the restrictions with the lockdown it has been decided to cancel round 5 and prepare the cars to be sent to Lenny back in Sth Aussie No doubt we are all very disappointed not to be running this round but you have to keep these things in perspective and respect the well being of others. Terry
  19. Gary what F1's have you done? Could you post some pics? Thanks Terry
  20. I'm with you Vince, I also would love to get any of the F5000 cars especially Elfin and Matich anybody know of anything going??
  21. The other drivers don't frequent our forum too often so I thought it would be appropriate to give my driving impressions from the day. For me, it was a different Tasman proxy, for those of you who may not know but in previous years I ran the proxy race solo, I lived too far from all of my drivers and just found it much simpler to run the day on my own, Saturdays race was that much different for me, most enjoyable to have the other guys involved and for Eric(Paul) to be keen on the whole proxy concept is certainly a bonus. The cars......Obviously the results do speak for themselves, the top 3 cars were a delight to drive, although this years field did not bring a lot of 2021 cars to the race, it was good to see cars from previous years improved and running better with that development. If there was one thing which stood out was tyres and who had done their work in getting those little black buggers to work best, the higher the car finished in the race the better the tyres were and the easier those cars were to drive ,Brumoss' car, Pauls ferrari and Lennys' 158 all had terrific grip and on a couple of occasions "you" had to be reminded that these top few could be pushed harder than most of the others, Certainly lessons could be learnt for the rest of us that you cannot spend too much time on preperation, my car was a typical example of that, good speed but a little sketchy on the bends, I really should have spent more time on prepping those tyres! All in all a very enjoyable day, just love the Proxy thing next years series cannot come quick enough! Can I close off by giving special mention to Paulslots Ferrari 1512, well done Paul ,a beautifully presented car, and using that chassis has again shown that it can be put together and perform at the top end of a very competitive field, Terry
  22. A couple of pics of the full field lineup
  23. Paul has qualified the cars for round 4 Paul "reported", "I cleaned all cars tyres and gave them a 10lap qualifying run, after about 7 or 8 laps of pushing hard, I had reached the cars potential, and took that time as their qualifying time No issues with any of the cars, most cars had good grip," Race will be run on Saturday 19th
  24. Thanks Callan, I've been a bit over stressed with this proxy, building the car and getting it ready was always a race against time, something which I always try to avoid, but as we all know life issues often get in the way and the best laid plans etc etc........... The cars are coming north now and it will give me a chance to witness first hand what is going on. For me ,its important not to be shooting the messenger and I do appreciate all the work that people go to to organise themselves to provide venues for our little cars to race on. I do feel I have to go outside and give myself a good talking to!!
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