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  1. Sadly for us all, Big Micks' car was super quick, I always looked forward to running Round 4,
  2. I'm in.......someone here had commented "that is the ugliest car I've ever seen" I can post a pic now if thats okay???
  3. Although i have been very fortunate to pick up some much needed spares for these little beauties I still would like to pick up more if I can, So if there is anything out there I would be very interested. Thanks for any help Terry
  4. Thanks mark, I've sent you a PM
  5. Fabulous Mark! I'm holding my breath...........
  6. Guys, If anyone can help??? I'm wanting to see if anyone can help with various bits and pieces in putting together these little f1 cars from SCX, I'm not really after runners, but, if the price is right I'd be interested, just looking for rear wings, suspension bits, and anything anyone may have, Obviously I don't need mint cars but if anyone has anything they would like to offload than I'd be interested. Thanks for any help, Terry
  7. terry

    M2 Tap

    Thanks Rosko, I will take those very helpful tips,in the past I did, as you said , take it very slowly,but I wasn't aware of the Tefolex which I will get. Thanks again Terry
  8. terry

    M2 Tap

    Sorry to bother you, can the mods please close this as I've found the little bugger Terry
  9. terry

    M2 Tap

    I'm not too sure on what to get(or what is the correct name) for me retapping out a screw hole for alloy wheels. I did have one of these(??) but I'm running around in a lather trying to find the bloody thing and what am I thinking! Try the forum! Someone will know what and where to get it! Thanks for any help Terry Sorry I should have said its a M2 hole
  10. Looking forward to seeing your progress shots on this Chris! Very neat looking car, especially like the very tidy chassis, not surprising, as all your builds are like that, but I do like the subject. Terry
  11. terry

    Bmw E36 Dtm

    Looking good Dave! I'm not on FB so how does one go about getting the JS chassis?
  12. The Marcos is the quicker at the moment,I haven't done lots of testing with the Audi but already I can see the Audi having a bit more than the Marcos
  13. Alongside my Marcos "sister" car built a little while ago now
  14. Finally its pretty much finished, still headlight lenses to fit and a couple of coats of clear, but just about done, probably taken over 6 months to do but I'm just pleased to have got it done
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