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    New Track

    That's a decent size area you have available. It would help if you let everyone know what your interested in racing. How many lanes? Routed or plastic? Digital? What cars are you racing, standard box stock or higher powered cars like slot it where larger radius curves are cool. Jealous of your space available.
  2. Your lucky the federal police didn't roll up on your doorstep!
  3. Yes. who is this masked man. I like to colect movie cars. Drool.
  4. A nice street version of the Doge pops up in fast and the furious 6, deep red.
  5. It would be nice to think comman sense would prevail. They should know that anyone addicted to slot cars can't afford to take up smoking anyway, buying a new car is always more important.
  6. Was the cigarette advertising covered when the car was in the box, like the silk cut jags etc.?
  7. Any high schools close? maybe do a project with their manual arts class. Woodwork, electrical and tuning their own cars. Even a small one lane rally track.
  8. Ive never set up a non-mag car properly, so just guessing here, but does the more weight you use slow the car anyway, so the less weight you can get away with give it faster acceleration. Or do you trade handling for speed. Im just about to set up my sideways cars as non-mag so picking peoples brains here.
  9. DON'T MESS WITH MITCH"S MOE. It's a secret weapon. For the South African tour they're going to hide a AA battery in it so when he bowls sparks will fly out of it.
  10. Pick out the lights in silver, tail lights in red, mirrors as well. As already said, small bits of colour can make a difference.
  11. A problem I had when I started "collecting" was walking into a shop, Red Racer, and trying to buy anything that moved. So I ended up with quite a few cars I didn't want after a while. Narrowing down what I wanted to collect has given a better look to my shelves with cas f the same type together. So now stick to Slot.it groupC cars, Movie cars, Any australian cars, and pre 1965 Monte Carlo type rally cars for targa racing. And now sideways group 5.Great article.
  12. They probably just used the rinse cycle.
  13. Will be interesting to see how good the wireless controls are. Most of the functions are what used to be in their old Sport World power base. The kers function could be fun. With the old sport world PB, you could buy expansion packs to do 4, 6 and 8 lane racing, a 4 lane expansion pack for digital would be great. 4 lane digital, or 3 racing & 1 pit, or 2 lane racing, pit road and pit bays.
  14. I like the default idea. I missed two rounds stuck in hospital. Even with those rounds I still would have finished about 15th, bummer. Oh well, always next year.
  15. # 4 looks like the side of an old steam engine.
  16. Odd shaped tyres can be caused by the car resting on the tyres in one place for a period of time. This normally takes a few weeks but I have left a car on my patio for a week in hot weather and end up with square tyres. I cut up balsa wood spacers for all my cars to rest on, there's nothing worse than getting a shelf queen down for a run on your track and it bounces right off the edge onto the cement floor.
  17. Very nice, I had a blue one as an AFX car I raced all the time. Does Pioneer have one they're making in the future? If so I wish they'd hurry up after seeing these ones.
  18. There is a small bit on the back page of the latest SLOT magazine, not sure if it's about when they will be released or if it's a story in the next issue. I'll check when I get home.
  19. Nothing beats the sound of four grown men. standing side by side, beer in hand, making their own racing car noise as the slide through corners, crash into barriers or do burnouts at the start. And they don't even realize they are doing it!
  20. I think I know the guy your talking about. Has done quite a lot of V8 repaints. I'll get him to PM you with a phone number.
  21. I definatley do #'s 1 to 7, and 11,12 & 13. 8 is a dream of most people in the hobby, 9 and 10 if I had any secrets, and 14, we already have the best anyway.
  22. When I worked as a boilermaker we would sweep up tons of iron filings from the shop floor, could you mix this with paint, like sand in paving paint, and paint this on your turns, IF it works it would be nice and even over the whole corner.
  23. Plastic track is a good way to work out what sort of track you like. My first had lots of tight curves and squeezes but I then bought a few Slot.It group C cars so I changed the track to a faster track with big staights, which soon got boring. Finally had a design with a fast section and a technical section ( Surprise ) and used that plan for my routed track.
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