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  1. The sign in the crowd said it all "Shame Holden Shame". What a farce, then again what would you expect from someone who nearly killed Bright at Surfers paradise by taking him out and pushing him into a concrete wall when there was no passing opportunity, its what we have come to expect. The biggest loser from this whole sad episode is V8 supercar raing. The whole event was stage managed by Holden to ensure they won the championship at all costs. You should get your T.V. aerial checked Gyprock. Lowndes was blocked by Tander for umpteen laps, probably in excess of 20, but did he revert to punting Tander off into oblivion? No, he used his team and the stewards to produce a fair outcome (even if it took them until four laps to go to get it right). So what does Rick Kelly do if he feels he is being blocked for one lap (not that he was), he punts his opponent off out the way. No, Craig was not about to take Tod Kelly out, no locked brakes, nowhere near the back of his car. Of course, Rick could have asked his team to complain to the stewards (not that he had a legitimate complaint to start with) and use the same rules of enforcement as Craig did but why bother when you know you can get away with daylight robbery. Phillip Island was a sad day for V8 supercars, for Holden and particularily for the teams under the Tom Walkinshaw banner. Nothing short of cheats, I hope they choke on their hollow victory!
  2. Hi guys, I found a very simple solution to the problem - I ditched the car! I purchased an Artin Mercedes of Ebay, new for $20. I thought that If I was to stand a chance of winning any of our classes, I should get the dust sheets off the track this arvo and test a few cars. Well, the new Merc thrashed the Saleen for speed, around two seconds a lap quicker on a fifteen second lap. What makes this really hard to understand is that they both use the same chassis! However, the Merc has a shorter wheelbase than the Saleen it must make a lot of difference. Mind you, the Merc is a lot quicker in a straight line as well. I ditched the piddly little Artin Wheels and put a decent and larger set of Fly wheels on with Ninco tyres fitted, trued the tyres, scalex rear axle, pinion and crown wheel, SCX brass bushes and a button magnet in front of the motor (threw the useless Artin magnet away) and we have a flier. However, is it still an Artin or shall I call it an SC Artex??
  3. impish63

    Whats Next?

    Whup, bet your sorry you asked now? As you can see everyone has their preferences, suggest you try and blag a run at any local tracks forum contributors may have to see what your preference is? Personally I would start with plastic track and then if you are still serious in twelve months time, think about making a routed track. Again, only a personal preference.
  4. Hi Slots, thanks for the advice. Currently I don't have any weight in the car. In a straight line it is dead level for speed with an NC1, I was afraid that if I add weight, I will lose straight line speed? What do you reckon? If so, how much weight should I add?
  5. impish63

    Guess The Car

    GSRace, I had a 1976 Mk2 Capri 1600GL in Arizona Gold - thought I was the pooches pouches when I was eighteen years of age. I had the car for years, fitted a 2.0 pinto, "S" dash and spoilers, Ghia interior, it was a great looking car. Had to sell it when I bought my first house - broke my heart........
  6. Pete, now why did I end up with an Artin???? Now if you the secret to getting the Saleen (or any of my cars) to go quicker than Steve's, I'm listening.
  7. Hi all, I run an Artin Saleen in our Ninco NC1 or Artin class. Since acquiring the car I have gradually tried different ideas to improve the cars performance to the point where it is now fairly competitive. The car is running a Scalex button magnet in the chassis just in front of the motor and some grippier tyres. The car handles pretty well but having a long wheelbase, the back end swings out on the bends and once the magnet looses grip on the rails, the car just keeps sliding. Any suggestions for improving the rear grip? I checked the amount of movement the guide blade had and from the straight ahead position it has around 80 degrees swing before it stops. I thought this was excessive until I checked a few other cars. Would limiting the amount of travel the guide blade has stop the tail end slide or will the car just de-slot instead? I case it makes any odds, the other mods I have done to the car are a Scalex rear axle, pinion and crown wheel, SCX rear axle brass bearings and the guide blade has been modified to run higher in the chassis (effectively lowering the front of the car). Also fitted lower profile tyres to the front wheels. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  8. Manic, Currently on Aussie Ebay are two manual actuators for the pit lane diverters.
  9. impish63

    Rally Cars

    Schuey, I would consider the SCX range for several reasons. Firstly, range. They probably do more different makes of Rally cars than any of the other major manufacturers, including the Junior World Rally cars as well. Secondly, price (can't be beaten). Thirdly, I like the scaling and detail on the SCX much better than the Ninco and Scalex versions. I think the Ninco Subaru just looks all wrong, particlarily at the front end. The lights are the wrong shape and compared to the SCX version I think it just isn't a good looking car. The Scalex cars look good but always look to tall and narrow for me. Granted, the SCX car do not have the interior detail of the Scalex cars because of the inline motor configuration but personally, the exteriors just look much better proportioned to me than either Ninco or Scalex. Plus, you will not need a dust pan and brush to pick your SCX car up off the track with after a race unlike some of the Scaley cars. However, if we move on to classic rally cars like the Mk1 Scaly Escort, well that's a different story....
  10. Gref, Newso's right, trying to resolve a problem through Ebay or Paypal is like pulling teeth, painful. My suggestion would be to start a new user I.D. on Ebay (perhaps under the wifes details if need be) and bid for items using this. Certainly sounds like your seller doesn't want to do much more business with anyone with this level of customer service.
  11. impish63

    Whats Next?

    Hi Whup, Welcome back to the (expensive) world of slot cars. My personal suggestion would be to steer clear of Scalextric sport track or sets, I think the track is, well... crap. I would suggest SCX would be a much better buy and as Eno says you can join it to your old track, if any of it is worth using. I would also suggest that Sport track is not suitable for taking up and down regularily as the joints are suspect and you lose power very easily on it. Look at "Hobbyco's" website in Sydney, he has some cracking deals on SCX sets at the moment and the cars will be light years ahead of what you are running now. Good luck.
  12. How about doing the Ceefax subtitles, he's obviously good at typing!
  13. Oswald, Gotta be your problem, cheers.
  14. Eno, alright, if you don't want to be a politician, how about a career in T.V. Just think you could be up there with Champion the Wonderhorse, Mr. Ed and Skippy!
  15. Gref, ggod choice, number 9 and 10 look similar so I would have taken the same as you. Are the wheels on the number 10 car standard items?
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