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  1. A big thanks to Gazza for the round and the report on the cars and congratulations to those at the pointy end, Jazzbell, oldslot and Ben M. Ahh those dratted Slot it tyres.....
  2. Thanks Alan, good to know I only got the tyre choice completely wrong, not the whole car.
  3. Thanks for the round Alan and congratulations to those at the front. Last time I run Slot it tyres in the Proxy. At least the only comment was "no grip', possibly the rest of the car is not so bad.....
  4. Thanks Alan. Looks like my Slot it tyres are really starting to come into their own on your track........
  5. Would be very keen to have another go thanks Mark. Can I please get the payment info by pm?.
  6. Yep I would be interested to have another run at this as I have a few of these cars now. I think one class is a good idea, gives me a chance to just get one car wrong instead of three.
  7. My Porsche has arrived back safely, the car is unmarked after a series of racing, amazing. Thanks Mark.
  8. Antony

    Round 2

    Charles no idea what type the tyres are but they came straight off a Slot it Chaparral which is now up on blocks while I get some replacement tyres, they were all I had to hand that fitted on the rims. I have run Ortmann tyres the last 3 rally proxies possibly should have kept the tradition going.
  9. Antony

    Round 2

    Congratulations to Jazzbell, Stig and Manimmal and a big thank you to Triggy and all involved for running the round. Thanks also for the feedback, looks like those slot it tyres could be an achilles heel of my Corolla.
  10. The tyres on my Corolla are Slot it, first time I have ever entered a car in a proxy with Slot it tyres, have run Ortmann in the past. They are actually Chaparral 2E rear tyres, no idea what compound that makes them, and they are on because they were the only ones that I had to fit the Slot it rims which were the only rims I had.....The motor is a Slot it 19k because it was the only motor I had, besides the stock NC1, that would fit in the NC1 motor mount and I think the gearing is 9/26.
  11. Thanks Phil, good to see the cars running so quickly and congratulations to you and the other place getters. Very happy with that result for the Corolla, I never had a chance to test the car before posting so only time will tell what it is actually like, the Slot it 19k motor was a calculated risk in the hope that it would give better balance than an NC2 and not be too powerful for the tight rally tracks....
  12. Congratulations to Jazzbell on the overall win and Stig on taking out handicap honours and well done of course to all the place getters. Also a very big thank you to Mark and all the hosts for another very well run series, really appreciate all the effort that goes into making a series go so well. Love the Can Am format and would like to see it continue, if only because I seem to have acquired rather a lot of resin Can Am bodies now. Thanks again to all who contributed to a fantastic series.
  13. Mine has gone Express Post today. Ninco Toyota Corolla, standard Galp livery. It has a 19k Slot it Motor and slot it tyres so god knows how it will go but I used what I had that would fit and if everyone ran an NC2 it would be a one horsepower race....or something
  14. Thanks for clarifying that Phil. I'd better try and find a long can mount then Ember the car is the Galp livery reference 50179. I strongly suspect the Corolla range will be NC1 as they were all released around the same time but then you may be lucky. .
  15. Can I just ask a clarification question re motor pods and some Ninco cars?. I have a Ninco Toyota Corolla, an early NC1 car made well before slotting was hit by the motor pad fad, however it has the NC1 fitted in a removable mount which could potentially be classed as a pod, these interchangeable mounts were used in some of the early Ninco cars to allow fitment of either NC1 or the later NC2 style motors. I am considering this car as an alternative to my trusty SCX Peugeot but if this mount is classed as a pod under the rules then it is obviously not going to be a viable option. The mount, I shall keep calling it that, is secured by one screw ahead and one behind the motor. I was thinking of fitting the NC2 style mount into the car when I suddenly realised that the mount could fall into the pod category as it is a completely removable section of chassis. I will post some pictures tomorrow if need be..
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