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  1. CAB77

    Peter Brock Trophy

    Sorry Gents for the delay. Between work and racing I have been a little busy but here is the list. 1974 Kim Axton VIC 1975 Herb Nagel NSW 1976 Rick Bishop S.A. 1977 David Hassall VIC 1978 Gary Griffey S.A. 1979 Graeme Roberts VIC 1980 D Harrington VIC 1981 Toby Lee NSW 1982 Wayne Bramble NSW 1983 Wayne Bramble NSW 1984 1985 B. Wilson 1986 Gary Johnson 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 Paul Orr VIC 1992 Peter Dight VIC 1993 Peter Dight VIC 1994 Charles Rickards NSW 1995 George Bouziotis S.A. 1996 George Bouziotis S.A. 1997 Lee Evans VIC 1998 Tony Pye NSW 1999 Garry Fry VIC 2000 Garry Fry VIC 2001 Garry Fry VIC 2002 David Fitzgerald NSW 2003 Tim Tyler VIC 2004 Tim Tyler Vic 2005 Ivan Wearne NSW 2006 Charlie Rickards NSW 2007 Wayne Bramble NSW 2008 Tim Tyler 2009 Ivan Wearne NSW 2010 Wayne Bramble NSW 2011 Paul "Beuf" Pederson USA 2012 Mick Belot QLD-VIC 2013 Adrian Bycroft QLD
  2. CAB77

    Peter Brock Trophy

    I can assure you that this trophy is still regararded as the trophy to win and to have a my name on it now is a great honour which I haven't taken lightly. I wil compile the list of past winners and post it on here tomorrow. Hopefully we can fill In the years at which track they were run on.
  3. Quick question? Has anyone approached a 3D printing place to 3D scan a 1/18 scale diecast car and then scale it down to 1/24 scale and print a mold. Wouldn't this make it easy and I know the technology is there but have no idea on pricing. Myself as a track owner would love scale V8 Supercars to sell over my counter. The only catch would be the chassis needs to be easy to set up and maintain. I would love a scale length Flexi car but I do come from that back ground.
  4. One of the most prestigious trophies in slot car racing. Started in 1974 and was first won by Kim Axton. I'm hoping he and others that were racing back then can shed some light on to this story. He is the most recent chapter on the Peter Brock Trophy. http://www.dailymercury.com.au/news/thumbs-up-after-adrian-wings-it-for-884-laps-witho/1910661/ Embarrassing photos but a good plug for slot car racing at my track. Cheers
  5. $1000 to win with a $15 motor!!! If anyone can remember the Rum City Challenge held in Bundaberg back in the late 90's. Im holding a similar style event but with Falcon 7 cars. Go here for more details http://forum.ascra.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=647
  6. Does anyone know if there is any #77 liveries that I could copy from this era.
  7. Program will be Friday - Night Mini Tourer Saturday - Sealed Supers and GTP 12 Sunday - Wing 12 and Spray 27 (dash for cash) Spray 27 at this stage will be the only Cash Race With 1st $300 2nd $200 3rd $100 all other clases will be Trophies. There are direct flights available from all capital cities to mackay. I will have have transport organised for all that fly in. Im trying organise accomadatoin so that all can stay close and at the same place. If you would like to come please let me know as soon as you can so that I can get some idea of numbers. I know this can be dificult. Please ring me on 0422 99 10 69 I will have rules available soon. I will email them to any one that wants them. My email is cab-77@hotmail.com If there any questoins at all dont hesitate to ask. Adrian Slick 7 Raceway
  8. http://ascra.com.au/
  9. Yes we hire cars and have a range for sale as well
  10. I have the photos here but I have no way of hosting the pics at the moment can I email them to someone to put them up for me. We race stokers on a wednesday night and I have been usaully getting 10 to 15 drivers over the past few weeks. My rules are very simple standard cars with deathstar sealed standard engines. Thursday nights I will have a class called Renagades starting this week. This is race what you bring style of racing but the catch is I will set the min lap time to 6 secs so if you go under that your lap want count. Should be interesting I have alot of customers lapping on that 6 sec mark all in diferent style of cars just gives them something to race. There will be a winged wompy on the grid right up to a hotted up 4.5" nascar. so the grid should be a real site. I will get photos of that as well.
  11. That is a very big Flash Track or has it had some extras added? Phil I couldnt tell you if this has been modified from its original state or not. I know that is was setup in rocky as above. Thats as much history I can spread on this track.
  12. It is a 171ft flashtraxx track as far as I know it spent its life in a Funzome in Rockhampton before being in storage for 10 years in Mackay.
  13. Yes we are open friday 4:30pm til 9:00pm and sat and sunday 10am - 4pm
  14. I will try and get some more shortly of the track with out the covers.
  15. Yep its in Bakers creek 2 temples lane to be precise using thge main St Entrance heres some pics of the place
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