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  1. They look fantastic. Love the oval!
  2. Hi Chas, I got the strip in a kit from a fella called Luf and has the webpage Oldslotracer. Got a feeling he doesn't do the strip anymore but there is a link on his page to the person that now does.
  3. Went for 75mm to stop myself from blowing a whole lot of money on 1:24
  4. Thanks for the comments everyone. Been having heaps of fun building it. Was planning on putting the drivers stations beside each other along the length of the track. Roughly a metre or metre and a half per person. I'll give the end positions some thought though thanks.
  5. Hello! I'm having a go at a 3 laner in a narrow space. Track is gonna be up to 1.2m wide and about 7m long. Want a fairly easy track to drive to encourage close racing and not too many deslots as I'm lazy and don't want to get off my chair too often. Also got a couple of young sons so easy is good. Did a bit of research on the 1.2m width with the three lanes and it seems like the inside of the two 180 degree corners should be OK to drive. See what happens! Contemplated a squeeze section but ended up keeping it simple. I've been going for about 2 months so there are a few pics below. The space Framework Blank canvas Routing Routing done Elevations and banking (and imaginary driving!) Still got more elevations etc to do then move onto getting some side supports happening then paint.
  6. Thanks heaps Gazza. I'll try and get my head around it
  7. Hello all, I'm getting an itch to build a track again and am thinking of a single lane track with a reversing loop at each end for something different. Does anyone have a diagram on how to wire up the reversing loops? The topic has been covered extensively in the past on the forum but due to photo bucket problems the pics are not loading. Much thanks for any help! Andrew
  8. tonka500

    Zegas Rally Track

    Looks fantastic. Top marks!
  9. Thanks Gref, Great looking track! I'll check out the startline software too.
  10. tonka500


    Hi Capri-corn, 7 and 10 would give you a run for your money I bet. Mine are 3 and 7. The 3 year old gets the fastest car and at lower voltages has got the hang of slowing for corners. Lets just say I don't need much handicapping in comparison to the 7 year old
  11. tonka500

    Undara Circuit

    Great looking track. Love the clean look.
  12. tonka500


    Not much point to this post really. Just stoked to be enjoying slot cars again. Haven't really done anything with slot cars for about 9 months. Last Christmas I had heaps of family over and we raced and raced and raced. Then everyone left and it was back to me and my young boys again. It was still fun but just wasn't the same in terms of excitement. Then just this week the bug has bitten. Got the track wiped down, cars tidied up, and have been using the track heaps again! There is about 5 years between my boys so variable voltage to the different lanes is great for handicapping, allowing us to do similar lap times. Must have done 20 ten lap races this morning. Final race was brilliant. Start: Half way through the final lap (looks staged I know): Then flat out from there for a really close finish. One happy dad and two happy boys Anyways, thanks for reading. Just good to be able to share my refound enthusiasm with others that enjoy the hobby!
  13. I didn't realise there would be so many options. Something that tracked how much throttle you used and therefore penalised wheel spin was what I was originally thinking. Liking the simplicity of fuel usage just running off lap times though. Your logathrimic idea is genius Shadow_Rusty. That would provide some great incentive and strategies. You should patent it!
  14. Thanks heaps. I'll check out slot master software and how the Peco units would work. Man I could just imagine the carnage if you forgot to flick that switch back! Wonder if some kind of time delay would work where it goes back after a couple of sec by itself? Beyond my brain power tho
  15. Hello, Thinking of building a new routed track. I'm keen to stay with analogue as opposed to digital, but... I'd really like to: - have pits where the driver can push a button on the control panel to send their car into the pits when they choose, and - to have software that somehow records throttle usage and equates that to 'fuel' usage. Stopping on a sensor in the pits allows the fuel to be recharged and that the software display the status of the fuel tank on a computer screen. I'm currently using Laptimer 2000 and IR sensors on an ancient PC which have been bulletproof but pretty limited in function given its age. Any how-to's or advice on where to look for info would be much appreciated. Thanks. Andrew
  16. Thanks for the replies. I'll give them a light true again. I've already coated em in nail varnish so I'll stick with that this time round and try superglue in future. Thanks!
  17. Hello, Having a go at putting nail varnish on the front tyres 'cause I read it's the thing to do. I trued the tyres and they came up good. I painted the varnish on while the tyres were slowly rotating. They are a tiny bit bumpy now. Should I give them a light retrue or am I being pedantic? Thanks. Andrew
  18. Lookin good. You don't waste time!
  19. tonka500

    New 3 Lane Routed

    Thanks for the ideas. Could have some good fun with the play on words and vintage/foreign stuff...
  20. tonka500

    New 3 Lane Routed

    That's not a bad idea shadow_rusty! Gas, I really like the look and colours advertising brings. But I really don't like the mind control of advertising. I figure if I'm (or my children are) watching a car lap every 5 or 6 sec my brain is getting huge and repetitive exposure to brands. A fictitious company might allow me to introduce colours and patterns free from associated (Internet, social media, etc) branding reinforcement. I completely realise I'm a nut job about this though and thanks for the comments !
  21. tonka500

    New 3 Lane Routed

    Think your right about the interest bit! Can't decide on the sponsors. Tracks I've seen with it on look fantastic but I'm strongly (maybe crazily ) anti-advertising. Know that's a funny thing to say when all my cars are covered in logos.... I thought about making up some fake company logos like East Coast YoYo Spares to get some colour around the place but might just stick with the white for the time being.
  22. Thanks Munter, I'll see if I can track down a 35Ohm first and have a go with that.
  23. tonka500

    New 3 Lane Routed

    Got some pits happening My wife says it looks 'cute' - not quite the look I was hoping for
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