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  1. Oh yes - I knew it was your mate's track - You'd just told me it was big and awesome. That's what I was leaning at! Bloody brilliant! I hope to visit someday.
  2. That's foolishly large and self indulgent. I totally love it. It's all you promised on Insta Gref. Bloody brilliant!
  3. After a wee while away doing that life bullshit I have a space to put a track in. I think I want to build something like Baskerville as it lets me have a walkway and a step in into the space. Anyhow - once again the Dog is planning a track! I'm up in the edge of Ipswich Queensland now and had to give my old track away.
  4. Yes it's true, I was thinking. Has anyone thought or setting up an Amaroo Park? If you put the pits at the back of the layup it climbs then falls all the way to the front of the track. It used to be a fun track for the big cars. With digital? I dunno.
  5. My wife had a slot car club in her Dad's garage as a kid. She's telling me to build a track quickly so I have friends.
  6. I had one another of out guys had built for years down in Melbourne. We're up in Brisbane now and once again it's a challenge between my pocket money and having a house dammit! I'm hoping to do something kinda simple but fun that we can dress up. We'll see what happens. Someone I know is apparently good at woodwork!
  7. Have you seen any good layouts that you can hoist to the ceiling that look fairly tidy? Mr Eleven was throwing ideas around on how to make the bar room as flexible as possible. He is thinking something we can lift. Has anyone done it that we know? Eno
  8. Looking forward to visiting next time I'm in Victoria.
  9. I seem to remember a few years ago there were a plethora of guys having bought a 935 and 956 (65?) sponsored by a Japanese Lingerie company 'cause it was pink and it was going to be "the wife's car" to encourage her to play with the boys in the shed. Do you think that this will happen again and how damn much should Scalextric be paying for the rights right here - right now? It could be a monster!
  10. As far as I can tell Red Racer is the only shop up here so I'm used to that sort of distance to mess about. Am I missing any?
  11. I've moved west to Bellbird Park so not really that far away - sorta.
  12. I am SOOO going to have to pick your brains John. I have a plan and it would be WAY cooler in wood than the Plastic Fantastic. I can jiggle angles for a start. Will that be a problem for you?
  13. Just where and what year KK? Who's the car (eh? What is the car)? I'm assuming LM after the bridge into the esses?
  14. That looks very good - love those cars.
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