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  1. By my count there's 4 excluding number variation; 90, 91 & 92 factory, and the Gibbs car.
  2. I'm waiting for the print quality to improve; resolution if that's the correct term (?). I compare this to digital photography, where in the early days there weren't enough pixels to get a decent resolution image. Now everything is digital and film is essentially extinct. Frankly i'm yet to see a print that's worth my time and effort. Once technology allows for finer finishes i'll be in. The old 'if you spend 200 hours they look pretty good' comment doesn't cut it for me.
  3. Thanks for that, very cool.
  4. The gears, wheels, bushes, guide, grub screws, axles, wheel inserts, braid and tyres. This assumes you keep the stock motor.
  5. The morning after a grand prix i typically ask my wife who she thinks won, she normally gets it right without any viewing. For the entire hybrid era she only needs one name, and the years preceeding? Just one name. The problem is predictability up front, and in my years as a 'fan' it always has been. Sure some years you get two teams and drivers competing for glory, but not too often. It sure is nice to get a good race every now and then, but money and politics quickly nip those shenanigans in the bud. Maybe make the races later so nobody in the southern hemisphere who works daytime hours can watch too, that'd be perfect. I rarely catch races live now as they're on late and generally send me to sleep quicker than the supercars.
  6. I think dimensions don't help. If for instance NSR did a 3cm tall 69 mustang there would be a great deal of tears from the rivet counting team. Personally I like my touring cars of that era to be a tad crap anyway, we don't want modern gt cars being hosed by Parnelli Jones. Whilst not quite big bangers, Revo are doing group 2 cars from roughly that era shortly; an Alfa GTV, Ford Escort mki and BMW 2002 if I'm not mistaken. Surely they will sell well, and perhaps from there we could see Revo do some of the V8 cars from the inconic Trans am era.
  7. They're heavy. I raced my Maserati non mag on wood with reasonably good results. It was very powerful too, best with an adjustable throttle. I built up and sold several of the Indy Lotus, test drives were fun however given they were always to be on sold i never really pushed them. Long story short, as a slot car they work, unlike some other boutique manufacturers.
  8. Those lego style chassis do look fun, i can only imagine the carnage kids of all sizes would get up to.
  9. manimmal

    Ninco Karts WANTED

    You never know what your luck is until you give it a go. When i raced the class was abandoned due to difficulties new guys were having finding them, and that was ten years ago. Best wishes in locating some good ones.
  10. She looks factory to me, nice job.
  11. There was a pic of the 2002 prototype on slotcarspassion in April 2020 which was the wide version they mentioned, le mans 75 from memory. So it's somewhere in between. I was hoping for the Alpina style but we'll have to wait and cross fingers for that version at a later stage.
  12. Given how brutally hard these cars go are you going to give them much running? My less interesting liveries cop a hiding, but i'm not sure i'd be able to race those two with exuberance. Nice work
  13. Ooh, i look forward to seeing mine when it arrives, the wait feels like forever!
  14. Tamiya TS49 bright red is pretty close, that's what I used on my Mustang years ago. Use a white undercoat too.
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