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  1. Hey DM, where in usa? Still waiting for my 18/03 order, 6 carrera exclusiv and 2 d124 cars from cincy. My qld to vic order took 8 days, so that's back to 'normal'.
  2. .....and the Poxy Proxy was born. Some interesting efforts there gents, I'm giving Wobble the early lead personally. Just be careful it doesn't start looking good.
  3. Ordered from Cincyslots in Ohio, which was sent 20/03. Normally takes about two weeks, still waiting. I understand the reason so I won't be demanding a refund from anybody however the lack of information from usps/auspost is frustrating. If my parcel is sitting awaiting suitable transport, on a boat, flown by two pigeons? I'd just like to know.
  4. I had one for the UK that luckily arrived before my cranky customer flagged me, and I've got one from 18/03 to Germany that is ongoing. Fortunately for now my German customer is being patient. On the flip side for me I contacted Bruce from Cincyslots for an update on my $900odd order that was posted 20/03 and it got as far as Chicago on 22/03. I removed all my listings when the lockdown started in Melbourne. I'm not surprised ebay stitched a seller up, It cost me $200 for a Racer Ferrari 512 to get smashed up in the post to USA late last year, even two months after I sent it and a month after it arrived. I'm skilled enough that i could repair it to a decent level and recoup much of my losses but still, bots making decisions isn't a good thing.
  5. I've extensively remodeled my layout to increase the gutter widths on my three lane layout so i can run bigger 1/24 stuff. Initially even BRM Renault Gordini and Simca where a risky car in the outer lanes, wheras now I'm regularly running Carrera 124 DTM cars at 14v with minimal issues. I've had to sacrifice/rework some scenery and add an outer edge in some areas but it is worth it in terms of versatility. My lane spacing isn't ideal for these cars so I only race the big cars with one mate who uses race craft rather than the 'go as fast as i can' approach, but as a group we're running Hard body Group A cars with Tamiya, Fujimi, Beemax etc bodies on Plafit 1900 and 1900s with 21k motors at 11v and it is very manageable, even with a Robbie Fransevic Volvo 240!
  6. They honestly look great, as do the other items you've shared here and elsewhere, you've clearly got a good eye and some real ability. My track sees regular social use so I've gone the way of brass and thin timber for my tv tower and marshall posts, that way when cars dissapear into the scenery the scenery isn't demolished as often or as severely. The sacrafice is they don't look quite as ornate.
  7. You should have a Reliant Robin class
  8. manimmal

    Kyosho Mini-Z

    I have a silvia 4wd drift car. On a three lane 20 metre routed track it's very difficult to get a lap in, let alone race. I suspect you ned more width and less corners. That said it is still good fun
  9. Difinity - guide mount failure Phil - snapped guide post Manimmal - dislodged motor Thanks gentlemen for the opportunity to compete with your cars, and for the failures I apoligise. For the record the previously mentioned failures were not due to any stupidity or low level driving. My car lost her motor in a straight line, difinity your car failed as a result of a deslot, Phil yours deslotted because the guide failed. The failures this round were very high, perhaps due to being the last round. Difinity I'm currently without an acceptable soldering iron so running repairs were not made, the same went for my car. The guide post of Phil's car has sheared off completely, this is not something i recall seeing before. Had this occurred in qualifying we may have got it running again. A couple of cars struggled a little, however the majority of cars were well received by my drivers Neil(Spoons), Dan and Bodhi. I marshalled and time kept, and only one heat had me running around, the rest of the time the drivers did a commendable job all day. A few cars impressed me a great deal in terms of quality of build, the most being the chassis of the #4 Brabham of team Lenny Broke. I'll have the cars in the mail back to Stubbo tomorrow, and onwards to next year. Chris
  10. Good evening all. Our cars have arrived for the series finale this Saturday at Masonite Mountain. Running is planned to start around midday, so with any luck the weather will be reasonable and conducive to our field of cars pulling some good consistent race times. I have a decent crew of drivers organised, and year on year the track is 'safer', as i've made some changes to accommodate larger scale cars. I had planned to qualify the cars this afternoon, however this mornings work turned out to be all day, and i'm still not finished. As a result i will be qualifying the cars (in one batch for fairness) on either wed, thu or Friday night. Should some cars prefer the cooler, damp night conditions winter brings us this may effect results. Furthmore whilst I will be qualifying the cars, i likely won't be racing on Saturday. I have a skill in wringing good times out of proxy cars in a very short time, so qualifying times are more how fast your car is against the opposition, not how forgiving, consistent or 'likable' she will be on race day. Best of luck gents!
  11. Watch some of the Blancpain series, vln or check out spa 24h next month, youtube is your friend with live feeds easily found. If the 1:1 doesn't pique your interest perhaps stick with what you like. Personally i love the 1:1 category. In my opinion it is the best big dollar motorsport around at present. I've always enjoyed racing scale gt cars and i think my interest in the 1:1 categories is a major factor.
  12. With my improved straight line handling this year i hope to be close to the front again on your track Terry, fingers crossed
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