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  1. Nice. Can we see her with her clothes off?
  2. We've sourced one! Thanks gentleman, I appreciate your assistance.
  3. As per title. My friend has been looking for the 1/24 TTS/BRM Ford escort TTS020; the white Castrol Zakspeed car. We've had a look around and can't find one available from a retail seller or eBay, and we've been casually looking since early this year. He intends to race the car in stock/blueprinted fashion, so ideally one unmodified in good to new condition preferred. Should you have one that needs adoption please let me know, it will be going to a loving home and have regular use. Payment via either Paypal or direct deposit to suit you. Thanks for looking and enjoy your slot cars, Chris
  4. Nice! A cracking fun car to drive too. Before restrictions my group of friends used to time trial mine regularly in a best lap round robin format. Good times.
  5. I made a brass chassis for mine. Such a well proportioned model and a decent runner with the stock chassis. I didn't have the same breakage issues with mine, i just figured i could build a better mousetrap.
  6. I wouldn't pay for that, nor put my name to it, but good on the seller for having a go and finding a healthy niche. Maybe some decent pics and old mate could clear a grand for them?
  7. My order finally arrived safe and sound 89 days after it was sent, yay
  8. 79 days since the last tracking update and it has finally reached Sydney, what a relief! It's not the waiting, it's the uncertainty. I'm highly unlikely to be ordering or selling internationally until full resumption of air travel after this experience, so that's a win for the domestic market.
  9. manimmal

    Bye Bye Holden

    Racing Entitlement Contracts. That's where it went wrong. Less cars means less depth means less action. Less action means less mainstream news coverage and less casual interest. Sedans are out of vogue, supercars are unaffordable yet aspirational, crew cab utes are a joke so that leaves suv's (see crew cab statement) and hot hatches. I'm biased, most of my cars have been hot hatches, and my new one will be delivered next week. I used to get canned at the v8's for driving a 'Girls car'(quote) around the 1998-2000 mark when i had my n15ii SSS Pulsar, ironically by folks in vn vacationer wagons and other such vanilla garbage - the actual car guys new that what i was driving had some credibility. Back then crowds were huge at Phillip island even in the pouring rain, when large fields of privateer vr & vs, ef & el took on the current spec cars of the bigger budget teams, sometimes placing very well. There was racing throughout the field and it was somewhat affordable to compete. There were bumps, slides, spins and occasional carnage too, but honestly i was there to watch drivers have a go, it was the near misses that got me excited. Big budget teams didn't like sharing tv time with low budget plebs and the Konica second tier series was born, splitting the category into haves and have nots. To top that off the racing has become so professionally processional that i normally watch (on tv) the support races and nap whilst the Supercars are on after about lap two, occasionally opening my eyes when Crompo's heart rate rises. I'm not saying 'back in my day', remember 12 regular cars for the last Group A season? I do, it was televised at 11pm in a brief and boring highlight package on the sunday night, and I was a Nissan fan. What i am saying is the business of motorsport forgets what fans want, and that is racing, particulary something they either do or can conceivably own. Manufacturers want to sell cars, sponsors want to sell goods and services, I want to buy entertainment in the form of motor racing. V8 engines are fantastic, the sound of a field of v8 engines at full noise on the main straight at Sandown in the grandstand is a wonderful experience and i hope the powers that be can find a way to keep that alive in some form, alas I fear it will be soon reserved for Historics. And please, not electric cars, not yet.
  10. manimmal

    Bye Bye Holden

    Yeah, exceeded. I hope the powers that be can keep a unique top tier tin top category for our shores, perhaps we're going to move towards a a gt4/tcr hybrid which will allow v8's to race hot hatches, something more relevant to current markets and competition budgets. I can dream.ll
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