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  1. manimmal

    Racing at Ged's

    Yep, it's Chris, or if I'm in trouble Christopher.
  2. It's great they're doing so many gt3 cars that are essentially current. Race liveries please, the m6 still doesn't have one. I got the Jager one as i felt compelled however it's not the same as a genuine livery, of which there are many.
  3. It's certainly something i'd go for a look at, and should prices be reasonable who knows what i might end up with.
  4. manimmal

    Pine Grove Circuit

    I personally like the concept. I'm picturing some serious elevation for the rally section, hill climb style. There appear to be three potential passing zones per lap so the single lane 'rally' part should add to the intrigue rather than creating processional racing. Make it happen
  5. Very nice build Terry. Without the Tasman series we would see far less of this type of open wheel era in 1/32, the rtr's are few and far between and non mag run terribly.
  6. I hope they do a good job on the Torana. They did a great job on the a9x so fingers crossed.
  7. My gutters are 170mm, 1/24 dtm cars can still catch the fence prior to a deslot, and brm Camaros and mustangs also get very close when overcooked. For what it's worth i consider your 150mm gutter a pretty decent number, i have found if the outside wall is too close it gets used for advantage by the outer lane. Google image Melbourne Model Raceway. This track is 6m long and width would be in the ballpark, i must admit i don't remember the exact width. 5 lanes, 100mm spacing, wide gutters, must be at least 200mm. The track is simple enough to learn however mastery takes a considerable number of laps. The track is well suited to both 1/32 and 1/24 classes, although the brm group c cars were too wide to race cleanly. This may be worth a look.
  8. As the barcode says, it's the lui car repainted. Ninco never did the Shell car.
  9. The move to Orbost was somewhat based on an affordable semi retirement. The landlord was selling up so the timing was somewhat forced. The track and everything else went with him and as mentioned is selling via eBay. I worked there for over three years, I hated to leave however we needed money which meant a 'real' job. After all that time he still would pull out random interesting things I'd never seen before. It truly was an Aladdin's cave, one i hated to leave. I don't know how many laps i did on that track, all of them i'm guessing. It truly was for me a great place to spend Tuesday night, i reckon I missed on average one a year, good times.
  10. manimmal


    I had the toyota and a porsche 962kh, once i stopped club racing they were sold as my old track had 90mm spacings. The Toyota had many victories at Ged's, although back then they were all inline and crown gears were terribly fragile which resulted in fields dropping by over 50% by the end of race night. I'm still waiting for brm to release new liveries of the 917 and 512, i wasn't in the 1/24 market last time around and the 2nd hand market is too inflated given i'll be slowly destroying them on track.
  11. manimmal


    My track is ordinarily at no more than 10.5v, it's fast and flowing, is not modular and only has three braid joins so conductivity and momentum are no issue. I've found wiping rubber tyres with Turps is also effective, particularly at the end of trueing. For me not as much benefit as the nsr oil but quicker results without lingering goop. I haven't tried oil on the 'big' cars, I'll hit one of my Camaro's with nsr oil and see what happens, i'm guessing i'll go through yet another fence trying to stop it, shortly after smashing a class lap record. Are you changing gear ratios on the trans am cars? If so where are you going with them? Between the two of us we have 5 and all have all the power but none of the braking, kind of like a real v8...
  12. manimmal


    Just a blueprinting really. I removed a chassis burr which was fouling on the body, did the cigarette paper trick to space the gears after grinding the gears in with lapping paste. At first one of the cars lept sideways under acceleration out of corners, this was traced to the rear tyres not being spot on true. After the rears went back on the tyre truer lap times improved greatly. At this point I'm happy with it, however as I'm not club racing these days there's most likely a few tenths left to find. The big cars are a blast on my new layout (100mm lane spacing, so much better for these), a bit terrifying though. We like to have a few drinks and race, the trans am battle is a bit messy after a few, just ask the scenery...
  13. manimmal


    When you have a comparison please share. I've finally got the tts fwd guys running quite well now after many hours of tyre trueing. Not as quick as the small wheel mini on my track but good fun nonetheless.
  14. Such a big footprint and long rear overhang should make for a predictable fun machine with lovely flow characteristics. Carrera regularly produces enjoyable cars that can be easily adjusted to run cleanly non magnet, I'll get one for sure.
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