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  1. DE38

    1/24 F1?

    My skills arent quite up to that level yet, excellent build Terry I like the RT chassis alot , Ive looked at the MJK chassis, but the Race Tec looks the way to go. DE38
  2. DE38

    Scca Camaro

    This is a kit Ive had layin around for awhile so I just had to give it a shot, used a TSRF chassis, Also a C9 Ive been workin on , I know they never ran together ,but this should be some close racin DE38
  3. Hey Manic, lookin pretty good , I can agree with you about the difficulty of using this kit, adding the detail is pretty tough, I also have one in progress. DE38 Ive been wanting to give one of the Plafit chassis a go myself, from the pics Ive seen they look to be very high quality, good luck with yours
  4. DE38

    1/24 F1?

    Ive been looking at some of the available F1 kits myself and Im thinking I might want to give one a go myself, I really like the look of the RaceTec chassis. Werner , I would like more info on these if possible such as cost in USD for a bare chassis, I would think they are 3mm axles, Ill pm you. Thanks DE38
  5. The modification I do, usually on sidewinder Fly cars is I use a TSRF front axle with the little e clips, I snap one clip on put a Slotit or whichever set screw wheel your using , slide the axle through and install the other wheel with the set screw, trim axle as needed and you have independent turning front wheels. DE38
  6. DE38

    Smooth On

    Hey Guys , awhile back there was a discussion about mold making and casting your own tires Ive decided to give it a shot , can anybody give me the name of the specific products from smooth on for the tire material that was being used was it the urethane or rubber? Thanks DE38
  7. DE38

    Cro Sal Cheetah

    I originally just wanted to buy the body from Tom at Vintage Slot Cars here in the states , but when he told me he had this baby and then shot me some pics of it , you know what they say the rest is history Its powered by a pink endbell Parma 16D with a scratchbuilt brass chassis , the body is repopped by Tom himself and painted , its running modified foam tires to accept the inserts , also painted and produced by Tom, the rear gear is a 42 tooth but Im gonna have to change that to probably a 32, it was screamin down the 40ft straight at the comm. track I was at. Tha track has very light glue on it as they run wing car races there but that was a good thing as the tires are a little on the old side but they also came back quite a bit after a little hand cream was rubbed into them , that with the glue on the track and it had pretty good bite, a lot of fun was had runnin this beast, it handled really well and I was quite impressed, but it couldnt keep up with my Vette with S16D in it, might have to do a little motor work , maybe an S16D arm and some Goldust brushes should get it close Heres a link to Toms sight if anyone wants to check out the bodies and other stuff he has , and he has some great stuff. Vintage Slots DE38
  8. DE38

    Advice Wanted

    Hi Alan , I find that the MJK chassis are pretty easy to work with and gives quite a number of possibilities, if you notice on Pattos site he has widths listed such as 44mm. This is referring to the widest part of the chassis which are the front axle mounts, then he gives possible wheelbases. If your going to use the full interior the sidewinders are the way to go. You have to determine the width of youre model then figure in the width of the wheels your going to use, same for the back but you also have to take into consideration the hub of the gear which takes up about 5mm. You have to measure your body from center of wheel arch to center, then with that number you can choose the chassis that falls into that measurement. I also flattened out the 2 mounts up front as they are raised for screw head clearance to the track but on my Vette there was no problem with this. This car uses a S16D with Sakatsu wheels up front and solids on the back with the model kit tires on the front and foam on the back , all from Pattos. DE38 As you can see I had a little run in with a wayward soldering iron
  9. imho I think these are the best looking wheels out there, the workmanship is outstanding, they give a great hitech look to any car they are on. DE38
  10. DE38

    Another Ebay Rip-off!

    Yea , well you ought to show her this one WOW
  11. DE38

    Protoslot Kit

    Hers a little review of my progress on this kit , first off the paint and finish and clearcoat are outstanding , Ive never done a resin kit before so I didnt know what to expect, the fly Lola chassis is the one used for this kit , but be advised it is not a bolt on , there are mods to the chassis that have to be made, first the chassis is too long and has to shortened , front and back , but the screw holes line up nicely. The posts on the body are not drilled for holes so drilling is necessary and a pin vise is the ticket for this. After the chassis is shortened and the sides are filed it is a pretty good fit. You also need to get the motor pod . Also the ribs that go down the side of the chassis have to be dremeled away because they interfered with posts, initial fit showed that one of the resin posts was longer than the other and had to be shortened , as the chassis was tweaked to one side when attached, easy fix with a lttle sanding , the resin motor also interfered with the top of the fly motor and had to be massaged to fit correctly and not get jammed against the top of the motor . Attaching the metal bits , I used a tip from Brian and used Testors clearcoat from a bottle with a brush and it worked great , One set back is the Fly Lola wheels , of course all the hubs are cracked and have to be sleeved. The detail of the driver is great , took awhile to paint this guy but it came out pretty good. The instuctions are in French so they were useless to me so Im just wingin it , Just a few tips for anyone who is planning on doing one of these. The interior is a formed lexan piece that has to be cut to size and painted , Ill do this from the bottom , all in all a pretty cool kit and worth the work to have this great historic racer. Well I sleeved the wheels and used the Fly classisc rear tires and they hit the wheel wells , so I installed a set of small hub Slotit wheels and P3 tires , then I decided to upgrade the motor to a PM hotrod motor instead of the stock Fly motor , I also changed over to a drill blank axle and 36th spur with a 12tooth pinion , it runs very well , just have to do the rest of the detailing and decals , but I think Im gonna go for a set of Als wheels with his inserts , gotta have those Lola wheels I tried making an insert from the Fly wheel , Ive done it before but I screwed this one up , so BWA wheels and inserts look to be the way to go . DE38
  12. DE38

    Shelby Series 1

    Well I have a number of projects going in both 1/32 and 1/24 , its also kind of tough to do any spraying of bodies this time of year in upstate NY , cant do it in the house , I work on one project for awhile and then another but she will get finished but it might not be for a little while. DE38
  13. DE38

    Ultra Camaro

    Hey Shawn , check out the post on SCI in the buy sell section under Wheels for 1/32 cars. His contact info is in the post . DE38
  14. DE38

    Ultra Camaro

    Nope , they are 1/32 and take Slotit rubber
  15. DE38

    Ultra Camaro

    I dont know if any body has seen these wheels yet , but they are outstanding, Im gonna use them on this project. DE38
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