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  1. Cyph

    Sim Racing

    I'm looking at building a cockpit as such for doing my sim racing, it's easy enough to build something to just do the sim racing, the difficult part is being able to use it for other gaming like world of warcraft etc. Need to build some gigantic pod with interchangeable mounts for wheel, and keyboard mouse. Annoying! :(
  2. Cyph

    Sim Racing

    Hello all, Just wondering who plays any sim racing games, what they play, and why they play it? I'm currently logging a fair bit of time in iRacing, having fun punting the Spec Racer Ford around the tracks, and I've got my safety rating up enough to progress up to a C class licence - once I get the Star Mazda and some tracks and do some racing to meet participation requirements - trying to get high enough to race the Corvette C6.R, and then work on getting my licence up to an A class so I can race the Daytona Prototypes. Just ordered a new wheel and pedal combo for the computer too, Logitech G-27 kit coming my way sometime next week... Realised after I'd ordered it that damn, could have easily bought 6-7 slot cars for the cost of the wheel and pedals. Ahh well! So, anyone else playing any sim racing games lately?
  3. The motor is almost half as long as the car itself!
  4. I was going to use some Citadel plastic glue I've got. It might do the trick.
  5. Painted, clear coated, decals done, more paint, more clear coat - yes, I really did it in that order. Motor needs wires attaching, I cannot get the guide from Armchair because they are out of stock unfortunately, so I don't know what I'm doing for a guide. Will scavenge through my cars that don't get a run to see if I can find a guide long enough to go through the mounting post and accept the slot.it wire eyelets. The body still smells of clear coat, which means it's got another day or something to go before it's cured properly. I should be right to glue the interior in place tonight though :haha:
  6. A pity that mine isn't going to be that kind of bright red... Though if it's outside it's freaking awesome. Nor is it that livery!
  7. Ahh ebay. incidentally, I think hepkat63 has renamed to boss.of.toys
  8. This makes me mad. But only because I'm doing well in the Ferrari Challenge car set. Hopefully they can just change the cars and the naming, and call it something else. Because that's the best damn series they have on there imho.
  9. I think Brad needs to go measure it, but it looked a reasonable height the last time I was over there. dunno about fitting the fly trucks under it though.. or even those dreaded rally raid cars
  10. The question really is, why are Rileys even running... As they aren't LMP cars :lol: - not really a question, just stirring the pot early!! Another question - eligible models states Fly Lola B98/10. Are racing variants eligible, or not??? If not, I've got Ninco and Flyer Riley cars that I could potentially setup anyway :snipe: I've got a few models on this eligible list that I have to decide about! Fortunately I don't have to buy any cars to setup for a proxy??
  11. It was the Inaugural Bi-Annual Quarterly Hadspen 1000. Next time will be iBAQ 2.0 Hadspen 1000. More filling than an iSnack. Bruce - it was very good racing against you and Callan, I was rather impressed with how quick you guys were on the track given it was your first visit to the track! A good challenge to race against some more good racers!
  12. I'm not sure if smallnails is writing up a report for here, but I've thrown up a bit of a report for the race on our forum over at Slotcar Outhouse. clicky here Apologies if I'm not meant to link to 'competing' sites - but it's one I run?? :mallet:
  13. It was quite a haul to do the 27 heats that we had for the round at Dattos racetrack up here in Launceston. Good fun, but standing in the one place for so long was kind of crazy. I'm a fan of LMP and Group C, but I think Perro is right, it'd just be a Slot.It extravaganza really.
  14. Batracer is a fun way to waste time at work and at home! I've been doing a few series now, currently on my second series of Ferrari Challenge, sitting in 2nd place on the championship at the moment. Hoping to rack up my first championship win! Takes ages to figure out the driving style etc you should take, and it's all generally different depending on the car set. Good fun, takes some learning, but yeah, once you get yourself sorted it's pretty good! :band:
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