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  1. Thanks for the pics Steve,I was real annoyed that I got this bloody flu so close to race night,and,as you know I had to ring in crook,as Tim did,those Cox cars look the business,and your Cheetah with the white nose,very nice! What mods did you do that were deemed "not in the spirit",as I may have a Lotus here which falls into the same category.(??) As far as orangepickers comments go,its a pity that he sees it that way,because we have all been aware of the regs for a long time now,sure there have been a few adjustments,but I feel the changes,especially on the tyre front,are positive changes,I don't understand the relevance of 3mm axles,is this a performance option here? For goodness sake isn't it about time we just got down to racing? One thing which no one can deny,is that we have the best racing ever with our class,and the fact is that as soon as anyone jumps in and has a go they all agree that the racing is tops! Isn't that what its all about? Lets go racing, boogidy boogidy boogidy!!! terry
  2. I agree 100%,its a well proven fact that if you want to have a facility that provides you with a venue to allow you to race,then you are obliged to support that business as much as possible. Of course this medium(the internet) has allowed us to access so much information and product and as such tempts people to "look around",I suppose thats human nature to do that, and running a business today is much more difficult than it has ever been,I don't know of any of the regulars who think differently Charles,that is about getting their supplies through Hornsby,there will always be people who like to whinge and moan,but they wouldn't be slotters if they didn't do that would they? I'm glad we have these conversations,if only on this forum,because it shows a willingness to discuss and talk out issues which can,if not addressed,become sticking points,all being well I'll be ther with bells on to see how my F1 shapes up,if only I can shake this bloody flu! terry
  3. Absolutely,my car is 3 inches,and any F1 I bring with me will be the same. I know Phil brought up the point of all of us ensuring we have 3 numbers on the cars and a interior,but for mine he didn't go far enough. You may be aware that I have been on this for too long now,but why can't we have scrutineering done in a way that forces people to properly present their cars for the nights racing? To see some of the cars you'd reckon they were put together by novices,we rarely see a field of cars where all cars represent the look intended,dodgy interiors,no wheel inserts,and in some cases,paintwork which is crap. My pet hate is seeing great looking cars with no decent inserts,for gawds sake a set of inserts from patto costs $4.00, a lick of paint and the car is transformed! The real concern is that we are going to have F1 cars fronting up with Nascar rims on the cars,now to my knowledge I can't recall any F1 teams from the late sixtys running around with nascar rims! Just me having a gripe I suppose,but the real attraction for me is seeing SCALE examples of cars on the track,if others would see our F1 grid,they probably would not be impressed,I'm not! terry Now I know that all of our cars won't look like this,but this is a good example of what could be done with a little time and patience,nice one scoop.
  4. I'm not sure if there is any confusion on what type of tyre we are to use Charles,I think the regs have been clear as to what part number and type is to be used,from my point of view there is no confusion whatsoever. terry
  5. Welcome to the forum RacerX, Fast?? Don't know as yet,probably not as fast as others,but its' legal and I do like the mirrors,after all isn't that the most important thing. Looking good is what its all about,don't you agree? It has wheel inserts as well! terry
  6. Ever have those times when whatever you do turns to putty? From the moment I started this car it all seemed to go from bad to worse,this must be as bad as I've done,I normally use rattle cans and normally have no problems,however on this one the paint came out of the can as big as golf balls,blobbed everywhere,I did all the usual things before painting ,turned the can upside down and cleared the nozzle,still no luck with the painting. She wanted to know why did I paint the car in Matt White! This car will certainly be one for the track,heres hoping it will be a goer! terry
  7. Lovely car Al,can you show the underside? Our vintage series has just started for the year,we ran F1,stockers and "FJ's"(1954 style bodies),at our first meet last month,mostly running hard bodied cars,although the F1's and FJ cars are vac forms,I'll try to get some pics up to give you and idea of what our cars are like,although a little different to what Werner runs,we still try to run "scale" cars. terry This is my latest attempt at F1/Indy to be competitive Jim Pattersons Honda NSX Stockers,Trans Am's and a Nascar ring in,we don't do nascar at the moment,just one of our groups nice looking cars. Now,we don't admit to being as "scale" as Werners group,but we are trying to get the boys to present their cars in as good a condition as possible,it does take time though. Hopefully slotbaker can give you a link to our web page with more pics and info,sorry I don't know how to do that! terry
  8. numbers,the aoshima comes through hlj(hobby link japan) I've already used the Toyota 2000Gt and I also have a Porsche 935 still in the cupboard. Orangepicker,I had the MJK here so thats why I used it. terry
  9. Amongst the things to do on my bench is now this latest project. I've had the body now for 3 or 4 years and after seeing a 1/32 post on the other slot forum was inspired to get this out of the cupboard and see what I had here to finish it off. Don't think I'll be doing this version,but the car is a good looker,hopefully I can get close the this look. I've adjusted the wheelbase on the MJK chassis to fit the M1 and with the width adjusted as well it seems to fit nicely,80mm rear track and 135mm from the rear axle to guide front,so its as good as any of my other Sports cars. The car will have independant fronts,for some reason the Aoshima kit has half risen headlamps,I'll have to get rid of those,and love those nice meaty rear tyres,Classic tyres,but they seem to have dried out,so I'll have to give them a dose of WD40 to see if I can breath new life back into them,after all they are 40 years old! I'll keep the pics coming as work progresses. terry
  10. Do you think my wing is what the regs are talking about,do you think they mean the lexan type aero devices?? I'd love to give this a go,lots of fun to drive. terry
  11. I always assumed the rear track was set at 83mm,and I assumed that the guide must be under the body,having no regs for that opens the way for us to have extended guide tongues which will assist handling. I know Hornsby reads the forum,so it would be good if some indication is given so we are sure of where we stand here. On the Cox category are there indications as to what tyres we are to use? Terry I've done a 6.6 in this(must be the wing)
  12. Thanks Jim,but the proof will be in how it runs. Steve,there has to be some sort of reg covering the guide,if not you can have cars appearing with all sorts of weird set ups,if not a reg stating that the guide should not be visible(as it should be) then one indicating how far from the rear axle the guide can be. terry
  13. I'll let you handle that Steve! The specs haven't been clearly defined in that area but every proxy series that I've been involved in states very clearly that when viewing the car from above the guide should not be visible. Looking at the pic left by orangepicker that would eliminate half the field! But if we are to try and replicate 1:1 cars then I cannot recall seeing too many cars with a guide sticking out the front! Certainly seems as though the bar has been set and lets see where this chase finishes up,theres no way the #40 car can be allowed to get too far in front,lets see,all we have to do is put pressure on Charles and we know he'll inevitably crash out! Food for thought.......terry
  14. Youre most likely right there Steve,it could well be twitchier,however I always thought that when looking over the car you weren't supposed to see the guide sticking out the front,isn't that correct,at least any regs that I've seen regarding guide tongues have said this. We'll see how it goes in a few weeks. terry
  15. There was 2 now we have 3,had to get thid finished after seeing how quick the #40 car is,don't know how quick this will be,but a fun build. terry
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