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  1. Not the top of the mountain trees aren't on fire
  2. Thanks for running this again gents put my tips in not expecting much as I will not tip any darksiders but will have fun anyway
  3. Love the mower Cleveland it has inspired me one eyed ford fan cried when dicky put the greens tuff falcon into the trees at forrest elbow my son had a dick johnson framed picture in the room at the hospital before he was 12 hours old and some of his first words were ford good holdens yuk have had mostly fords first panels vans and now wagons have a ltd awaiting restoration love my fords and always will
  4. Hey chris what class will the batmobile and the green hornet car fall under at Ged's musclecars or will we have to create a new class for superhero's inquiring minds wish to know Seriously though these look cool more cars for the shopping list
  5. very true the bigger the airbox the cooler the car very nice work phil they look great
  6. I don't think I will they are my favorite band spent endless hours listening to them went to see their the final last stand concert in melbourne complete with my jimmy Barnes for pm t-shirt went to see The last stand movie at the pictures too many times prefer to remember them live as they were then besides without steve the drummer would not be the same
  7. Great stuff one of my favorite tracks a true test of man and machine
  8. very nice the cars cartrix release are spectacular
  9. looks great love the stock cars from the early days they just look so cool
  10. Chewycat

    Anzac Day

    Today was the first Anzac day without my father he served in ww2 on the Quickmatch witnessed the first a bomb drop on japan was involved in recusing allied pow's off the Japanese mainland and various other utterly unbelievable situations we will never see the like of his generation again and we are the poorer for it rest in peace pop lest we forget
  11. Chewycat

    Car Spotting

    That car? is parked across the road from my work every day must get round to asking that question one day
  12. Very nice Chris looks great should be a nice addition to the muscle car grid
  13. It is simple really even in racing trim the holdens were in no danger of breaking the speed limit so could be driven to and from the track :D Many years ago I used to work for a guy who was a privateer in a phase three and he use to drive it on the street rather interesting from all accounts but this is a great topic to see how race car transport has evolved over the years and some of the beautiful transporters of the 50's and 60's are works of art in themselves
  14. Sounds fantastic have just finished reading 'go like hell' about the ford/Ferrari wars during the 60's this era of racing was indeed glorious and makes for gripping stories
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