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  1. No worries Ross, will see how I go, try and get a pod from Tony in Nelson hopfully. Cheers Thanks Mac, alot of fun 2nite as usual cheers
  2. I enjoyed the nsr f1s also, thanks for running the house class pedro Am interested in purchasing a tyre truer if anyone has a spare they would sell, with or without power supply, before buying new. Cheers
  3. Im in Also, Im looking for cars these classes Modern Le man's Muscle cars If anyone has cars for these classes that are ready to run please bring them along thursday i'd be interested to have a look, before I buy new. Cheers
  4. No problem Pedro Great thanks Mac, yes I'll come out 2moro nite and have a look cheers
  5. Hey guys. Leighton Taylor, new guy. pleased to be here. I have purchased a couple of new cars from Mark, and at this stage i am also interested in looking at 2nd hand scalextric f1, and something to run in NASCAR, and also a sideways BMW for gt3. If anyone has anything suitable thats ready to go, I'd be interested to have a look. Cheers guys
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