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  2. Thanks Shayne for the write up.I think the three handicap rounds went well, The way Tony drives he deserves to win.Congratulations to all the drivers. R.I.P. Mike thanks Oldman
  3. The 2022 Bathurst Proxy is over and won. A few thankyou's first. 14 competitors who trusted me with their cars and congratulations to you all for finishing 8 rounds. Thanks to Shaynus and Tank for their help and support. Thanks to all of the comments and advice from the start. I made a few mistakes but I think we worked through them. Thanks to Syd from WASCG for donating the MJK tyres. I do think running all the same tyres makes all the cars more even. So, the money goes to Charlesx $35.00, Tank $20.00 and Oldman $15.00. I hope you can all join us next year. Any more advice would be appreciated (be nice). Thanks again, all cars and money will be in the mail next week. Thanks Oldman PS: Charlesx has donated his $35.00 to go towards the refurnishing of the pit area. Thanks Charlesx, much appreciated.
  4. Only one more heat to go should be on the Mandurah track Friday week on the new extension. I wasn't there last night, but it seems my car performs better without me. Not sure if you all know that we don't drive our own cars. Thanks for the drivers who took part, and thanks Tank for the use of your track. Thanks Oldman.
  5. Hi Gref, im sure photos and results wont be long I know Gazza took a lot of photos......it was a great 4 days....Oldman
  6. Sorry no racing last week couldnt get 4 drivers.....We have drivers for Fridays proxy race all going well...following week we are off to the AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL NSR CHAMPIONSHIPS ... should be a good weekend....hopefully one more race before I pull the track apart Thanks Oldman
  7. BATHURST PROXY we are running the 4th rnd this friday afternoon...It might be 2 or 3 weeks before the 5 rnd so we can get the new extension up and running BUT as we all know the best plans allways go to crp the quickest. We will post some photos as we go ...Good luck to all........thanks Oldman
  8. Winning is not every thing ....Being one point in front of Sports Racer is
  9. Thanks Sportsracer...drivers and track owners....thanks for the lesson...ill be back.......Oldman
  10. I use only MJK tyres just true no glue .I think if every body uses the same tyre with no treatment its more of an even race.ONLY MY OPINION Oldman
  11. Hi Sports Racer. I haven't driven your car yet but thanks for thinking of me Oldman
  12. Hi Charlex, Very busy with the new shed almost ready.The first 2 rounds was on my track 3rd maybe Tanks track. Both tracks direction is frontwards Oldman
  13. Thanks Shaynus and Tank for the scoring and feed back . Next round should be oprox 3 weeks time if every thing goes to plan with the move Thanks Oldman
  14. Hi, we had our first bathhurst proxy last night ( wa time ) dont know what day it is over there . Great night 14 cars...6 drivers I think it was worth the wait next round Monday night before we move the track results and photos will follow shortly. Cant remember if I put Sports Racers car on the track Ill check the photos Thanks Oldman
  15. Hi Charlesx, theres 8 rounds theres 2 tracks close to mandurah we can use plus Syds if we neeed it, been busy getting the new shed ready for the move taking a bit longer then I thought 5 minute jobs take a bit longer the older I get. The tyres will last .Looking forward to getting started got some very good drivers comming thursday will keep you all up to date as we go Thanks Oldman
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