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  1. Hi Charlesx, your car arrived today all in good condition nice looking car. Ill try to get a photo off the cars that I have so far if Shaynus has time before he heads off on holidays thanks Oldman
  3. Hi Charlesx, ill let you know when your car gets here the photo will have to wait until Shaynus gets back from holidays Thanks Oldman
  4. Hi BRUMOS, sorry about that Ill give more notice next year.......Thanks Oldman
  5. Hi Pepsi62, Received your car today... all good... thanks Oldman
  6. Hi Gazza, Im sure Tom the Tank or Syd could help you with that on Saturday night if your going.......
  7. Hi Charlesx, Im going to try to explain my 1mm tyre rule as best as I can......The MINI was raced at bathurst the rear gaurds measures 45 mm if we use your 60mm sugestion the wheels would be aprox 7.5mm outside the line of the gaurds......To give the mini and other cars more stabilty and the wheel arches are high enough to allow the tyres to come out past the body we allow 1mm wide each side Thanks Oldman
  8. thanks Charlesx, Ill let you know when your car gets here
  9. Hi BOV and CHARLESX, Thanks for your feed back yes I made a few mistakes maybe more then a few .Being my 1st proxy Ive learnt a lot and hope I get it right next time. Thanks Oldman
  10. Hi Charlesx, Not sure why we didnt get more to enter but we have to start somewhere hoprfully more next year we have 14 cars now so I think we will have a good run. When you come over your wellcome at our club we race every Friday night.Good luck with your proxy car its looking good. Thanks Oldman
  11. Sorry about missing you out ive got you on my list $5 entry put it in with the car if you would ....Thanks Oldman
  12. BATHURST PROXY We have 11 entries...ALEK...SHAYNUS...OLDMAN...PEPSY...PAUL...GAZZA...SPORTSRACER...MACCA...TOM...RON....BRUNO If I could get tyre sizes so that I can put in the order by the 24 June Any other entries can be added untill the 24 June 2nd car can be added Thanks Oldman nice work Charlesx
  13. Now boys if you cant be nice to each other you wont be allowed to play cars
  14. Thanks Shaynus for the results and updates. The Mike Winfield Memorial night was a great night of team racing and a great way to remember a well liked past member R.I.P. MIKE Thanks Oldman
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