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  1. Entries coming along nicely approx 30 driver per class if your considering entering please go to www.scalexseller.com and navigate to the NSR Australian Nationals pages. THis event will be epic!!!
  2. Hi Shaynus NSR have advised will provide of 1 set of tyres per class, the tyre wear rate down there is minimal. regards Tod
  3. Hi Brooksy thanks for your interest I am the event organiser for the upcoming NSR National titles and am happy to answer your questions Motors and Tyres - Will this be supplied by the race organisation? Yes they will. Will we need to supply rims? Yes, only tyres and motors together with their pinion will be supplied Qualifying Format - What is the qualifying format, Is it like other Australian National events held (i.e. Scale Model Nationals: 60 seconds, any lane, fastest time counts)? The qualifying format is 1 minute any lane fastest single lap counts as your time Race Format - What is the race format? Again it is like other Australian national events held (I.e. Scale Model Nationals: 8 x 2 minute heats)? Understand there will be heats and then step up mains, what will this look like? Who gets seeded into what heat, how do you progress to the the mains (total lap score or finishing position in heats)? The format is as follows. Qualifying results in your seed position for the heats, fastest 8 drivers in heat 1, next 8 drivers in heat 2, following 8 drivers in heat 3 etc. Each heat has 8 brackets of 2 minutes ie 2 minutes each lane , lane selection to begin is random. Total lap score and time is your finishing position in the heats. Then step up mains are bottom 8 drivers first main, top 2 progress to next final, then the next 6 join them for the next final and the top 2 progress so on until we have the last final which is the top 6 qualifiers followed by the top 2 from the last main that was raced. Top qualifier has choice of lane for each final. Practice (Sunday Morning) - Are you allowing practice for race entered cars post qualifying, or will cars be in parc-ferme conditions? If so, will cars need to be presented for scrutineering again before racing commences. All cars will be scrutineered prior to qualifying. Cars may be worked on after this but at the start of each class the cars must be presented to the scrutineer with their bodies off. Once this happens the cars go into parc-ferme conditions and are placed on a table. If the driver requires to replace a broken part for their final they may take the car however it must be scrutineered again ( at the discretion of the Race Director). Practice is offered on Sunday and Monday mornings prior to the class starting and before scrutineering commences. Same 3 minute block each driver rotating groups of 8 first in best dressed as far as lane preference. Entries - Are we able to see or obtain a list on who has entered each race thus far? would be good to know who is coming to race and from where? Also what is the cut off for number of entrants for each class. Entry list will be provided once entries are either closed or once they reach the maximum amount. Currently they sit at about 30 per class and we have a maximum of 48 per class. Car Chassis Weight - Are we able to add weight/ballast to the cars anywhere on the chassis and/or motor pod. I can see there is a minimum Body Weight for each class, yet the rules don't clearly explain if we can weight to any part on top of the chassis inside the car. This is to assist with with cornering/performance/car setup. See the rule set on the NSR website or at Scalexseller.com, ballast may be added however it is specific in the rule set where it can be placed. Tyre Cleaning - Are we allowed to clean tyres before and/or during racing between heats? If so, what can we/ what are we allowed to use (i.e. Tape, Shellite, Water, WD-40, etc...)? NO chemicals of any kind may be used on the tyres during the event. You may glue and true the tyres and run them in, however no additive is to be used on the track. You may clean the tyres with tape however no reside is allowed. If a car is found to have the tyres modified in anyway this will result in disqualification from the heat/ final and class. I hope this clarifies things, please if you or anyone has any questions feel free to email me @ NSRaustralianNats@outlook.com We are super excited and pumped for this event!!! Tod Chairman NSR Australian National Championship Committee.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10159081025463897&set=a.10150668958113897&__cft__[0]=AZWI2avm-3zAQjawwEzFQTaGPQlrlzPmnDVl4kQg46O-rUwpn_p5eE-e0PH8KXRMK9sU2kaRv8CExPCwkVvDiXPCI1YHZ9jC2-r4Gw0phLSHhA&__tn__=EH-R
  5. for any questions regarding this fantastic event please send your enquires through to the official event mail box NSRAustralianNats@outlook.com thanks Tod Event coordinator NSR Australian Championships
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