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  1. pommie

    Vh / Vk Commodore

    Does anyone know if there is a mould or model of the VK/VH commodore shell out there. I went to Oran Park on Saturday & there was the Brock/Perkins # 23 Marlboro HDT car going round. Now I am a Ford fan but I just love this car in that livery & I think it would look great flying around any info would be appreciated. One more question who on the Forum does the resin XY's & if you read this post when will you be doing anymore please. Thanks, Pommie
  2. I'm in the process of getting all my crap together to build a SSD (possibly) track & like Billy Cart said I think when I start I want to have both in the track I want a nice straight & some fast corners to wind the car out but also some nice tight technical sections. Currently trying to get some designs but really struggling I'm thinking of taking & mixture of track from photos I've seen & bits of real race tracks (would love to put in something like the Laguna Seca corkscrew) but the scenary will be based on a real racetrack as it is this that appeals to me & my kids. Pommie
  3. pommie

    Ssd Pit Pro

    Its got my vote, would love to know more. Thanks
  4. pommie

    Rip Drummer

    I personally never met him but have had a few emails with him recently regarding PB mods but my thoughts are with his family & friends who will obviously miss him very much.
  5. my Viper is very noisy (I guess that is why the guy was selling it) I wonder if a new spring will help - it goes ok but isn't my favourite runner any other suggestions? cheers DM Hi DM I had that trouble of it being noisy & I found (well actaully Roland @ slot shop ) showed me it was the drive shaft. If you take the shell off and have a look the drive shaft runs through a bearing that sits in a U bracket towards the back of the car near the Diff if you like. well the bearing actually jumps out of the groove & with the drive shaft spinning makes a terible noise all I have done is a tiny drop of glue on the bottom of the U bracket & clip it back in. I found this to be a must with the Fly Vipers 3 cars & all did the same thing. However if not this mayeb check the running clearance of the front wheels as My Playstation viper the front right scrubs out on the gaurd a little. Hope this helps. Pommie
  6. For me the FLY Dodge Vipers have 3 all with Indy grips & a drop of glue to stop the drive shaft bearing jumping out & that is it. What weapons i love them.
  7. pommie

    My Custom Fly Dp

    Nice job. Looks great
  8. I bought the Carrera Bentley Speed 8 it looks fantastic but I just cant drive it. More than likely operator rather than manufacturer so to avoid damage I'm afraid to say it sits next to my Fly Lucky Strike 917. I dont belive in shelf queens but I cant drive either of these cars.
  9. I just bought this for my young fella at the weekend
  10. Sorry no pics but I have (or should say the wife has a red AU XR6) & I drive a 1988 Toyota Landcruiser SWB that will go anywhere.
  11. pommie

    Ssd New 6car Pb

    Hi guys thanks for your comments I have taken aussieslotter's idea. I just aquired a old 1.5V 6 car PB that has got the PRO mod from memory I think & it just needs the Simple h MOD. Thanks Pommie
  12. pommie

    Scalextric Bentley

    Nice work. Looks excellent
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