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  1. Hi, please send me an email at scalexseller@icloud.com
  2. The GT3 class for the NSR Australian Championships for 2022 is now closed! 40 Drivers will compete for the Australian Title at an event that is shaping up to be one of the biggest NSR events of this kind anywhere in the world. There are still places in the Formula 86/89 and Classic classes but the grid is filling fast so register now! ScaleXseller.com https://scalexseller.com/products/nsr-championships-registration
  3. This is going to be huge, lots of people registering for the event. Some are national and even international! That track is so good to race on too!
  4. We have had a lot of questions regarding hand controllers for the NSR Australian Championships. Most racers here are using the Truspeed controllers and we thoroughly recommend them, for our 1/32 Scale racing they have been brilliant! See our information page regarding plugs, volts etc.https://www.truspeed.co.uk/
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