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  1. Hi Guys and Gals, Shane from Geelong Victoria Australia. New to the forum, grew up with Scalextric gear back in the seventies thanks to my dear old grandfather, still have heaps of our old classic track. I remember as a teen belting around a track in Thomastown Vic with a hired womp and was hooked from that day on, sadly the scalextric track became the poor cousin after the experience on the routed competition track. Now I have the time, the room, and finally some patience with age, I thought I might try my hand at building my own, but not before some serious research. Have had a quick look on the forum menu but can't seem to find anything "track build" related, was hoping someone could steer me in the right direction. Thanks for taking the time to read my waffle and I look forward to learning from all the gurus out there, Shano
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