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  1. I have seen a few on youtube. It's interesting to see the results people get
  2. That's good to know that Scalextric have done this in the past so it's possible they have done it again with the Delorean.
  3. I do the same, I only allow to clean the tyres with water with dishwashing soap but also to sand the tyres on wet & dry sandpapper with the water & dishwashing soap. Using a damp cloth to clean the track I did lose grip initially but after few hours the track gripped up again Thanks for your insight. I'm more curious if anyone else has had similar experiences
  4. No Problems, no rush. I'll be around
  5. Hi Paul, ah a local, I'm in Gungahlin and I don't think it would be hard to beat my times You're welcome to come over for sure and have a go at my track. PM me and we can swap details and work out a day/time. I'm alllowing no tyre additives other than using soapy water on wet & dry sandpaper. Lee
  6. Hey Chas, Yes I bought two Woodlands Scenic rock moulds. The rocks by the grass and the rocks to the right of the bridge on the picture above I used plaster of paris. The rocks to the left of the bridge on the picture above I used foam clay. The foam clay I had to make the paint a bit stronger and it came out a bit too dark but I will be putting trees in front of it so it shouldn't matter too much. Lee
  7. Thanks for the insight, I never knew Scalextric has released silicon tyres previously. I haven't seen silicon tyres before so I'm not sure I would recognise them. I have since removed the tyres and replaced them with mjk tyres. It's brand new out of the box, this is his first ever car so he wouldn't even know what silicon tyres would be.
  8. Hi All, I have only just joined this forum and I have my own 2 lane routed track which is painted with roof paint (the exact name escapes me right now). I use rubber tyres only with a mix of mostly MJK tyres with some NSR tyres, with stock Thunderslot tyres. A mate recently bough the brand new Scalextric DeLorean "Back to the Future" 2 and they are not standard Scalextric tyres but whatever they are it ruined the grip for my track. It generally takes about 5 to 6 seconds to do a lap but on average cars were about a second slower. I ended up cleaning the track with hot soapy water and initially it was very slippery but after about four hours the track has gripped up again and is almost back to where it was (about 0.2 seconds off now). Any idea why these tyres would do this? I thought only silicon tyres could foul a track where rubber tyres are used? My only idea is that the tyres have a tread pattern and it removed the rubber off the track? Thanks in advance for any feedback, I'm just keen to prevent anything like this happening again. Lee
  9. Hi All, I'm 48 now but have been involved with slot cars on and off since I was 14. I have recently got back in to the hobby this year when some of my family visited me from Adelaide to build a 32nd scale routed 2 lane track in my single car garage. We made the most of what space we had and this year I have slowly been adding scenery. So far I have been buying quite a few Slot.it Rothmans Porsches as I love the Group C cars. I also have NSR, Thunderslot, Sideways. At the moment I have just been having mates over that I have now got in to the hobby and they are buying their own cars now and we just race against ourselves mostly trying to set fastest laps which I have a couple of whiteboards to record fastest laps. The photo below is a work in progress as I still have to put more grass down, trees, fences and paint the pit buildings. I'd post a photo of the whole track but it won't let me upload photo's only link to a url which I have only put a few photo's up on reddit. Cheers Lee
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