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  1. Thanks mate. It creates obstructions, an obstacles site. The track is loosely based on the Bathurst race track, Australia's most famous annual race that is 1000km. We have had kangaroos on the track and one famous race in 1980 saw a rock land on the track on the 1st lap destroying the pole car. So I do plan to connect up some model aircraft servos and add emerging wildlife and a "rock" that must be avoided. That is in addition to the track ones- intersection, merging track, corner crossovers etc. https://www.facebook.com/100001044765864/videos/1001308754094719/ https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=5405724792805626&set=pcb.2032876636893817 https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=5365522860159153&set=pcb.2021894834658664
  2. Yep I hear ya. No worries. Here is a video of my track https://www.facebook.com/groups/AustralasiaScalexticCarreraETC/permalink/2021892411325573/
  3. https://www.facebook.com/groups/AustralasiaScalexticCarreraETC/permalink/2021894834658664/
  4. Not much use at all. Been testing more than racing with a new track that has had design issues with elevation. I'm also new to slots so unaware of these sorts of basic issues.
  5. no problem. The two throttles concerned have been used 95% of the time since I purchased them. So I would safely assume the other two will need shortening soon. A slightly shorter spring should be modified by scalextrics as this would be an overall fault. Thanks again.
  6. 2 out of 3 throttles crept at zero throttle. Took both apart and shortened the spring 3 loops about 2mm. Fixed and brakes work better.
  7. Thanks mate, I read that and other posts on the throttles . Good information there. I'll give it a try. Only 2 of the 4 controllers have throttle creep so I assume its only on individual units. The set is only a few week old. Cheers.
  8. My 6 car advanced unit is going ok. Have learned basic operations, throttle calibration, pace cars etc. However I've had car creep with zero throttle and cant for the life of me understand how to get rid of it. I've done the above and also added brake to the throttle so it should be braking at standstill. Any advice appreciated. Have Scalextric highway pursuit and Bathurst legends sets joined up Tony
  9. Yeh, I'm starting to get a feel for how it all works. I have a Bathurst set coming soon and that has a falcon with flashing police lights that I need to swap to digital.. I think I'll wait till then and open it up to inspect its wiring and voltages to various components then copy the format to the carrera truck. I think I'll be fine now. Thanks again. Bit of a steep learning curve.
  10. Thanks mate. Yeh, still having trouble with pics. It has 2 boards, the one for lights is in the roof of the truck. I'll swap the main boards and route the lights to the motor output.
  11. Got a first responder truck Carrera digital. Wanting to run it on brand new Scalextric digital track system. Have semi taken off bits to show the guts of the carrera. That Scaley plug is on the back RHS C8515. How can I swap the boards/plugs? The Carrera looks much larger and no male Carrera connector matches the Scaley female one. Can cut and solder at least I have that ability. TIA Tony
  12. Thanks Nimrod. I've decided to make do with the red truck I have but down the track (sic) might look further.
  13. Read a fair few www comments about the side barrier clips not being so secure and not so cheap for what you get. This might generate some interest or discussion. The concept is to utilise the double slotted rubber I used in modifying the track clips on another recent thread. Using two plastic strips from yellow tongue particle flooring the strips can be inserted into I noticed the underneath of the track the slot used to accompany the stock clips is I think 2mm wide. I found some 2mm wide steel angle and cut off an "L" shape. It fits snug. A problem though is is isnt flexible. So my next step to complete the barrier is to search for a stiff but slightly flexible rubber post, square preferably about 5-8mm and 35mm - 40mm high. I've seen stiff rubber tube in car engine bays for vacuum lines. Maybe? So the rubber will I hope protect vehicles. What do you think? Tony
  14. hope its ok now rosco.
  15. Not sure yet Mal. Still working on the table and got the legends and Bathurst sets on order. Got a tow truck also but wondering about a tilt tray. Got two train sets to incorporate and will make rail crossings. Not exactly a perfect copy of a Bathurst track lol
  16. Tonyaussie

    Track clips

    Just new here. I have two products that can be used to clamp down the scalextric track. I had heard the proper original clip was no longer made. 1. A clip from ekodeck decking from bunnings https://photos.app.goo.gl/M5K3tcTVLrL1DWUB7 https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipO-ufSxledBrziHVRO9M5Qr_OZpSm-B9VxUwDPYMYFB3ixrYaQOdoKrF2NxJYfHMg?key=ZTM3bWJSZFE2djhzTEpxSjc0WHRkZVZaZC0yZmpB https://photos.app.goo.gl/SYBS9uWVxJHXDD3N6 2. A section of rubber modified https://photos.app.goo.gl/PrWZ5VAiejg5h6cK8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/vSVjo96m2QygdaP3A https://photos.app.goo.gl/tZ211EoYggrRbLRy7
  17. Thanks Shaynus, thats what I was looking for. Cheers
  18. Anyone seen a tilt tray Bathurst recovery truck? The safety car with flashing lights? Just wondering and getting a grip in what is out there.
  19. Thanks Gazza, Seems Onedrive link is not a URL. I used photobucket years ago but then they got too greedy with advertisemenbts. Can I ask you guys what site you use to obtain your URL's? Wobble- that sounds interesting. We purchased the JBA because I hate rust (fibreglass and alloy panels, galvanised powdercoated chassis). It has enough power to tow and its a 4 seater with boot. JBA are still going since 1982 and now they sell them fully complete with BMW engines.
  20. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkkNioq6f9KqkyJfrTxiMPR_Zxaw https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkkNioq6f9KqjUTOxSFXXUIQ2CdS https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkkNioq6f9Kqkx4pqL7JCzjkunfY https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkkNioq6f9KqkxpYFMtVaZuDaEas Just purchased this complete kit. The Jaguar ss100 is very close in resemblance to my 2001 JBA Falcon tourer, a kit from the UK featuring a v6 Buick engine that tows a caravan I built. And I've purchased the Carrera tow truck. Bathurst and legend sets on order. Building a modified Bathurst track (into "L" shape) with two train tracks integrated with rail crossings. Even road kill, a Dick Johnson rock and roos will surprisingly appear on track. Praying the onedrive links work lol Tonyaussie
  21. Is that the car that ended on its roof going up the mountain Oldskool?
  22. Thanks guys for the welcome Rosco- I'm located in Camperdown western Vic. Gref- yes hope to get some pics down the track. Wood supplies from our Bunnings order has been Covid delayed as has our slot car supplies (only couple of weeks away. I'll have to stoke up my photobucket account for pics for URL's. Dangermouse- yeh, I like the concept of slot and obstacles like rail crossings. I have a tow truck also. Rules to include towing the ran off car to the pits etc. I'm sure to develop ideas. I agree On30 is the better gauge for 1:32 slot cars. I have OO atm with a On30 loco and coal car on order used to try it out. Lots of research is paying off e.g. I make my own bridges, tunnels and buildings. Wife and I print them off and build with balsa. Bridges are made wide enough for On30. The buildings are good fun hobby for us to do together. Gazza- thanks Tony
  23. Hi everyone. This 65yo has been a tinkerer, model airplane designer and builder and caravan builder all my life. Finally the arthritis set in so slot cars will be my hobby. I've always done things quirky so this is no exception. The track has been planned and waiting on the materials and 2x bathurst 1:32 tracks plus digital, modules etc. Plus twotrain sets one OO and the other On30 scale 1:48. The track will losely be based on Bathurst but will be an "L" shape 4.7mx2.2m. I will have modified tracks for 2 rail crossings, a Dick Johnson rock landing on the track and kangaroo roadkill both semi planned atm with servos and timers. Anyway thanks for adding me here. I'm new to the hobby so I'll be on a steep learning curve. Tony
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