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  1. Thanks for the advice Matt. Along with the Lotus 16 Graveyard, I also picked up a complete GP Model 4 Set - the '4' being very faintly stamped in red. A very cool set, as the box art shows it as being 'Made in New Zealand by Lines Bros (NZ) - Auckland'. Plus several sad and sorry rear engined Offenhauser cars/bodies and parts for the resto-pile. I am assuming that these are what are refered to in the old Scalextric Doco as being the first Can Motor Scalextric car which were manufactured in Hong Kong with average quality .... . Though the open bottom body and space does lend itself to building a brass framed, modern running gear retro-racer .....
  2. Hi there, Ok, attempt No. 2 for dropping some photos .... this looks more promising .....!! A sad and sorry collection of Lotus 16 cars and a graveyard of bodies and parts. These are all branded 'Made in Australia and NZ', so any advice on the Big Head/Little Head and Type reference would be very helpful - Thank you Matt . Any advice or input would be appreciated. The biggest issue I see, other than the obvious clean-up, is the distortion of the tail section on the upper halves ..... is there a trick eg. heat gun to try and pull them out a bit, or is it just a thing to live with if in that condition ..... Any info/advice greatfully received - Thank you. Cheers, Tony.
  3. Nah Matt - looks like an epic fail on my part, maybe Google Photo hosting does not link ..... I will try again tomorrow. Cheers, Tony.
  4. Awesome advice - thank you Matt. I was looking to go down the home-built route, as they are flat plastic without any edge lips etc. but thought I would put it out there in case I might be missing something. Will likely call on your experience again ..... Cheers, Tony.
  5. That's an awesome collection Matt. Do you or any other restorers of the Lotus 16 have any words of wisdom as to where/if I can find replacement windscreens ....?? Cheers, Tony.
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