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  1. Pit road closes at the beginning of the caution.this happens for two reasons. 1 get all the cars lined up in the proper order so when the race restarts every one is in order. 2 it prevent competitors from going into the pits early while everyone is lining up for the restart. The while still under cation pit road then opens and competitors may then drop out of line and enter the pits. Hopefully you can fuel take tires repair damage without going a laps down. After exiting pits you rejoin at the field at the tail end of the line. Then the pace car re enters pit road. And the race goes green at the as the cars aproach the start finish line
  2. Yello flag Pit road closed (pit entry lanebrane locked) cars on pit road can finish fueling and Tires. Lane brane forces all traffic to a lane outside of pit exit. so safety car may enter track without being hit Safety car enters track from pit exit position of all cars frozen no cars should pass safety car. All cars must maintain position (drivers will have to allow room to change lanes being courteous and maintain position) no laps are counted until are cars are in proper position when all cars are in proper position Pit road opens X= number of laps Safety car returns to pits x= number of laps green flag at start finish line no speeding before green flag this is just how I would do it if I could automate this... im positive its not perfect, but this is the most basic Yellow flag I have experienced over the years. i know there are people who would love Prototypical rules for all of the major Race Divisions, but this seems to work with oval and road course type racing
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