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  1. Aside from the great feedback in this thread - to share what I have learned - a lot of people recommend 3 in 1 oil NSR oil treatment is popular despite the price (and now I think about it that tiny bottle is actually going to last a while) Koala claws are likely a natural oil blend that contains limonene? like what is found in: Citrus cleaner which apparently is a treatment too although it is what I have always used just for cleaning tyres So I guess now I will do some more experimenting, definately try the 556 on some scaley tyres and -I'll try some 2T blends maybe with the natural oils and see if I can come up with a formula that works great for my cars on my track and when I find that secret sauce I just hope I'll be able to repeat it
  2. Hey Mac thanks for your great informative reply, only problem for me is I'm a 2 stroke nut from way back and only keep castor oils like Castrol R and Castor 926 just so I can enjoy the smell when mowing and trimming hahah I guess any decent mineral 2 stroke oil would do? FYI i run a semi gloss finish on my track not super smooth or shiny but good grip with rubber tyres and urethanes too and really notice the difference with rubber tyres that have been well trued and given a little softening . Thanks again
  3. Yes I find India Pale Ale works well as a treatment for the driver
  4. Hi Charlesx just to be clear I enjoy the banter and most of what I say is tongue in cheek or meant to be funny. As you said, I also come to the forum to hear other peoples ideas but hopefully will get some secret formulas too . And Mark not doubting your knowledge of chemicals just meaning that there is a difference between wiping adap of product on a tyre to soaking in a bucket of it for 24 hours but all input is great Thanks all. and as we all know this is the true best way to clean tyres:
  5. Yea funny eh I was just thinking about that exact thing and how far some comments are away from the question Didn't really ask for someone's thesis on good over evil in the use of tyre treatments Don't want to know about goo goop or glue - thats whats used on the track on metal chassis cars I believe - whole different kettle of boiled fish that Didn't really ask if not using treatment would make me more manly -couldn't be any more manly anyway Wasn;t really asking about urethanes and if you want to soak them in a tub of solvent overnight and they fall apart you should continue that testing and put your whole cars in the solvent and see how long it takes them to fall apart and BTW I have always used and only use citrus based cleaner on urethanes I put it on a rag and clean the contct patch of the tyre I did it after I won a race with one of my pioneer mustangs last night . The tyres I put on that car I bought from Paul gage and fitted in 2012 still perfect btw So thanks for the early comment about MB slot treatment being good And thank you Munter for suggesting: CRC 226, 3 in 1 oil, naphtha/fuelite, saliva, suntan lotion ... and thinned tire-bite with fuelite. Seems the CRC226 is a popular choice particularly with some of the English guys I personally have tried 3 in 1 oil with mixed results and I'm still always going to use citrus cleaner on my urethanes -tho thats to clean them its not intended as a treatment and I don't believe it affects them in the way a treatment affects rubber tyres in the long run. Thats where we differ I guess Mark so I wonder if anyone else has an alternative to NSR tyre treatment oil price in NZ $12 for a little bottle probably about 20mls thats $600 per litre by the way and I won't even spend that on the best Rum or Whiskey so I'm not going to pay that to wipe on my tyres so keen to hear if there's a next best product still thanks!!
  6. Yes well I've been using 50/50 oven cleaner and bleach but I'm not getting very good mileage out of my tyres
  7. Hey thanks for that -I agree urethanes don't need treatments like rubber in fact a true wheel and a fresh shiny MJK has great grip and probably works better on less glossy tracks too. I don't think they can compete with soft rubber tyres on faster cars though. I have also realised that this question has probably been asked a million times in various different groups but I appreciate any feedback
  8. Ok fair enough, so lets say you have some scaley tyres I might try truing the hubs and giving them a bit of a sand and then I'd try sme good ol 3 in one oil to see if that helped then I'd trash them and put on some Paul Gage Urethanes which dont take any treating. But mostly I like to run with quality rubber tyres say n22 slotit's nsr ultragrips or sideways soft and obviously I true glue sand but I hear stories of people sanding their tyres for days and conditioning them with their special formula every 3 hours for 6 days befor a race like feeding a baby. Its just -I dont know what works well on rubber tyres and I'd rather have a chat with a bunch of like minded people and try to figure out some stuff that works rather than paying $12 here in NZ for about 20ml of nsr conditioner . So I guess I'm asking about rubber tyres eh
  9. Who wants to give up their top secret tyre treatment formula? Its like a black art and everybody has their own idea but I don't have a clue? Is NSR tyre treatment really extracted from the spleen of still-born babies????
  10. Actually specifically the 935 k if it varies by model?
  11. Hey Slotsnz do you know which SW tyres come as standard on the Group 5 Sideways cars?
  12. Hey thanks heaps that was it -got all my silly avatars in there now. Just one more thing sorry I am not using images of cars -is there a way to remove the car images separately because they appear on the right side of the screen but just saying no image...
  13. Yes I am liking it now I want to learn how to get the avatars on the race screen is that just an option somewhere ? All drivers have an avatar in race setup?
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