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  1. Mate, Tricky Dicky would love that. I know I do. I can see Greens Tuf next. Regards Mark
  2. I'm with you Oldskool, it's nice to see some different offerings to the usual Ford and Holdens, mind you I'm not complaining at least now we are getting decent Aussie content.from a couple of manufacturers. Mark
  3. According to Armchair Race they may be doing the 1991 Bathurst winning livery.
  4. For those who have never seen it Jim and Skaifey at Bathurst(Warning Language)
  5. Hey Guys, As a courtesy and to not interrupt a flow I moved this from the announcements section of the forum. So, I am soon to receive my first Slot.it offering( the Richo/Skaife Nissan Skyline GT-R) to add to my very limited stable of Aussie touring cars, so I have ordered the appropriate chip to run with my Scalextric digital systems and hopefully will be ready to go. My question is, do I need to alter/modify or replace the guide blade to use with SSD track pieces. I have it in my noggin that there was an issue with certain types of guide blades(may not be Slot.it) taking out sensors in certain SSD track pieces(I'm not talking about not registering laps) and after searching the forums and Googling I am yet to find an answer. So are there any car brands whose stock guide blades(too large) don't play nice with Scalextric track pieces and need to be modified or replaced. I really want to look at expanding my horizons on brands and options. Thanks Mark
  6. Hey Mate, unless it's pure licensing(not sure how that works now you aren't allowed to advertise), It was just one of those things over a coffee this morning where I went, I remember that. It used to be so normal and now it's so khaki. And I do miss those types of livery(but I wish I game them away sooner - would own lots more slot cars), I guess as things get more regulated soon we wont see Jack Daniels, Jimmy Beam or even Tooheys. But I'll take this one as a win for now. Regards Mark
  7. MarkC66

    Wacky Races

    At that price they wouldn't be going to the pool room.
  8. Let's hope the Nanny State don't ruin it, I just realised it is still carrying it's "Any how have a......" branding, must be a European thing for it to be OK Can't wait to see it in the flesh. Mark
  9. You guys aren't Robinson Crusoe, I too am hanging for the Slot.it Skyline, it will actually be my first Slot.it car in the paddock.
  10. Gary, That stuff looks awesome, doesn't seem to bad a price considering they are hand painted. Ideal for someone like me with sausage fingers who hates doing fiddly work. Mark
  11. Hey Rick, You would say that, I've been holding out and holding out, then finally bit the bullet and now you tell me there is new goodness on it's way(always the way). Hopefully the new stuff will still be compatible with the current dongle and RCS64 and other stuff. I might just have to wait and see what 2022 brings to the table, before looking at additional controllers. Thanks Mark
  12. Thanks Rick, Just purchased a single controller and dongle(damn curious about the multi dongle functions too) thanks mate. Do you have any plans to reinstate other coloured controllers, or can a Professor Motor shell be purchased and the Scorpius innards retrofitted, just thinking for when I'm looking at additional controllers. Regards Mark
  13. Hey Rick, Is there anywhere in Australia where your controllers are available, I can get the dongle through your website, but if I want a controller I am redirected to a US site that want nearly as much as the controller just in postage. Was kind of thinking Scorpius Controller and Dongle to use with RCS64 and Scalextric. Thanks Mark
  14. Hi everyone, Just joined, I'm from a little town in SE NSW near the Snowy Mountains, I run a Scalextric set with a Aussie touring car kind of theme. It's a digital track. Looking forward to learning heaps. Thanks Mark
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