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  1. I've recently started 1/24 scale racing in Adelaide but seem to have a bit of slop in my standard Scaleauto bearings, any tips on what bearings i should run, some advised the $2 china cheapies, buy a bunch and use the good ones on the rear and the average ones on the fronts and the others advised the plafit gold at $18 a pair?, any advice would be appreciated
  2. looking for a slot it Porsche 956 KH, Mugello 1983 , new or used, if you have anything please let me know, cheers
  3. I have a few NSR King 21 Evo/3 engines and was wondering if they perform better one way than the other, in the past i just stuck them in the way the way the writing was written on the sticker coating the engine. Is it something i should test on each engine individually but before i do i thought id ask better slot car minds than mine here for their thoughts, does it apply to other brands of engines too?, any info would be appreciated
  4. cheers for the info chris, really appreciate the detailed description
  5. thanks for the tips everyone, i know a fair bit of them already but scaleauto is a brand i dont know well and i like the look of the bmw, just need to make it drive much much better
  6. hi chris, i run MJK tyres on a wooden track so no magnets. any help would be appreciated
  7. I recently purchased a Scaleauto R series BMW Z3, i know nothing about this brand of car, does anyone have any tips on how to go about setting it up, any help would be appreciated.
  8. davo43

    Ninco Karts WANTED

    Does anyone have any of the old Ninco go karts new or used available as i am looking to buy some, any help would be appreciated
  9. I am looking to purchase one of these Slot it Rothmans Porsche 956 KH #2 Nürburgring 1000 Km 1983 new or used. Anyone with one to sell please let me know, im sure my brother and Uncle may want one too so i may be looking for more than 1! thanks in advance Glenn
  10. davo43

    Ninco Karts WANTED

    yeah i am, just sent you a message, cheers
  11. davo43

    Ninco Karts WANTED

    cheers for the help, the todo collection ones are good but id rather try and find local in Australia first as postage from europe is a killer and surely there must be a heap around in Australia that are unloved as they were pretty slow and the novelty wore off on them pretty quick, except with me!
  12. davo43

    Ninco Karts WANTED

    Im after some of the old Ninco karts if anyone has any available new or used, any help will be appreciated, cheers
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