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  1. Thanks Roscoe,you given me plenty of useful info' there,i will check out SMS.Im only a couple of hours across the tasman,so shouldnt be a problem.
  2. Thanks for the replys,some good information there.the question seems to have raised some interesting points to follow up on.
  3. Hi all,im looking for an enamel paint retarder,Tamiya have the lacquer one,can it be used for enamels?
  4. Cheers mate,im sure i will
  5. Yeah,the perfect rainy day activity for the boys,and Papa getting them into one of the great hobbies,we're pretty anti electronic devices up here.
  6. Hey Hey! thats mint thank you very muchly Slots,i actually got my Policar gear from you,but couldnt find the Ninco Xover,awsome. In fact we live in the very far north,jafa free zone,covid free,just about everything free,lol. Ive followed the forum for a fair while,so im humbled to be in such vaunted company,the stuff ive learned is brilliant,thanks to all. Cheers Dave
  7. Hello Auslot fraternity,new to this. On the hunt for a couple of Ninco Xover track pieces,to extend my Policar track,sadly Policar dont make them,so gotta buy them from OZ,havent found any in NZ. The Policar to Ninco adaptors seem to be available. So any of you good people can hook me up with some second hand ones it would be much appreciated Cheers Dave.
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