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  1. Thanks Pedro! Really enjoyed the GT2s! Some great racing tonight as well!
  2. The format was a nice comeback to slots for me. Thanks all for making it a chill, fun and competitive series and putting up with my car mishaps. well and truly in the deep end now can’t wait for more series like this one!
  3. This may seem like a silly question but as someone new to tuning, what is the best way to know what tyres you need on a specific car? I know some classes have set tyres, but in terms of rim size, How do you go about working out the tyre size? Its probably quite obvious and Im missing something, that would not surprise me!
  4. Yep, it’s a great past time. Enjoying it and hopefully it can help me a little bit more on track!
  5. Snake in. Rebuilt my gt1 this weekend, so moment of truth Thursday night! see you all then
  6. Keen for this. Will be interesting to see how they run with this change!
  7. Yes this might work thanks! I can drop it round at 8am as I go to work if that’s ok! Thank you!
  8. Snake is in, though I will need a loner Legend this week please, one of my rims has become unusable so I have an issue there. Does anyone have any spare rims? Thanks in advance. See you Thursday
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