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  1. Snake won’t be there this week. Turns out reptiles can get the vid too……
  2. I wish you could’ve seen my reaction to this! brilliant!
  3. Also, I’ll put it out here, if anyone knows where I can get a third eye controller repaired or a new/second hand one, would be appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Will hopefully be there, might be late though, closer to 7!
  5. Yep, mine is also a 25k Yellow bell slot-it, just for reference!
  6. Track looks great guys!!! Can’t wait to drive it! Hope all is good Rod! im out this week and possibly next week…busy schedules getting in the way…
  7. Thanks again Mac, and Pip for the slot dogs, great fun!! Mark, I know you asked about the gearing on my Lancia, was 11/32 (stock Slot it set up), so yeah was geared quite high, explains the acceleration and braking power. Snake
  8. I’ll be there tonight Mark! You can be assured PieBone that snake will keep the ‘stock as’ train running! Safe travels, hopefully you have a few things to take back to the states and soak up the gloat! Thanks for the PieBone too, was a highlight for sure!
  9. I enjoyed that too! I do feel that 10.5 made for closer racing! Thanks Pedro for Thursday and have a good time overseas! Would be keen for this too!
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