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  1. All a bit of fun! Snake, vertebrae, reptile, the nicknames have been a highlight! In all seriousness though, thanks for the year, it’s been great to be back and in the groove. Thanks for all making Thursday’s a great day of the week! See you all in the new year and merry Xmas!
  2. That’s cool news Bingo! Great work! I’d be keen for Thursday!
  3. Thanks Mac for last night! Good fun! Have a good Xmas! Thanks all this year for putting up with my Snake shenanigans and welcoming me back! It has been a welcome distraction on a Thursday night! also would be keen to have a open discussion around the NSR F1s. I’m game!
  4. I mean one of those results was legit and the other we don’t mention….. (ordering that 19k Spanish king ASAP) thanks Pat for last night! Great fun as usual! Loved that falcon!
  5. Thanks for hosting on Thursday Bings! Great night and good racing as per!
  6. Thanks Mark, great fun! Those Minis were great! Have hopefully found some alloy replacements for the db5…so things should be ok!
  7. Thanks for the run Pat! Some great racing last night across all classes! Bingo and I got close on those last two heats of 65-80…..great tense racing!
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