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  1. Gazza, you should have the cars today. They left yesterday with Australian Air Express.
  2. Back, got phoenos message when I landed in Bris Vegas. Cars leave tomorrow via Australian Air Express. Will PM Gazza the tracking number once sent. Sorry for the delay.......in SGP for a few days.
  3. Sorry for my shoddy math guys. Even did myself out of a place!! Geez that 15 point penalty hurts
  4. Please let me know who has the next round. PM me the addess and I will courier the cars over.
  5. The guide actually came out of the chassis and lodged in the slot. Luckily the wiring remained intact and it was a simple fix with little time lost. No problems since. Not sure on the cause but perhaps some scenery got dislodged and ended up in the slot. As they say....thats racing
  6. The car is very good David, just needs a few more laps on it. It should keep climbing the leaderboard. It is smooth and fast but a little unpredictable.
  7. Adjusted times and final standings of Round 2 below. Its shaping up to be a hard fought series.
  8. And we have a winner.. Below are the unofficial results of Round 2 of the 2008 DURP. I think on adjusted time Jaak will come in just outside the top 10. So congrats to the podium place getters.
  9. The track was very fast last night. I am not sure if it was the fact that the garage was very hot yesterday afternoon and evening. The cars had been sitting in 40 degree heat (inside) all afternoon and the tyres were very warm. May be of no consequence but I know Manic used too keep his cars on the back of the old CRT monitor during race nights and the tyres would get quite warm. They always seemed to work better than when cold. Anyway, stage 4 tonight, and I am picking Phoeno to win the round at this stage.
  10. I will let Martin adjust Jaak's stage one time how he sees fit.
  11. Results up in the next half hour. What a shake up in the standings.
  12. Sorry Gents, out of town for a few days. Stage 3 will be Monday night, stage 4 will be Tuesday night. Cheers
  13. It is fast but you need to be right on the throttle at the right time to string together a perfect lap. It is very hard to keep that going for 18 laps with this car. A Ninco Prorace guide would do it the world of good.
  14. Nice pickup Rick. I was actually a little blown away by the time as it was so far in front of the others. It may have been a glitch with the timer. I will confirm with the head marshall (Phoeno) and perhaps run this car's stage 1 again. Being clearly a mistake in timing this may be acceptable. I do want the other teams protests flowing in either.
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