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  1. Direction: Yes, slot motors are directional, but not by design, just errors introduced by cheap manufacture. Most RTR cars run the motors clockwise. NSR are untypical that they run the king motors anti clockwise. Get a laser tachometer and test your motors, then install them in cars that are making the best use of any timing bias that exists in the motor. Orientation: Motors ARE often often designed to have an installation orientation, closed can side up or open can side up (see slot.it flatsix motor) Refer to DiSCA digital slot car for an example of rules designed to mimic the behaviour of the full size cars based on orientation. Refer to NSR's International GT3 rules . You will see that the orientation is specified by a red dot on the motor. The reasoning behind formalising the orientation, is that (on a track with steel rails or magnabraid) the motor orientation has an impact on magnetic downforce available from the flux leakage from the motor. Again, if your rules permit , figure out which side is sucking harder in the track and Install the motor to make the best of that. Alan
  2. I raced the "British grand prix" on policar track in summer 2019. (Gaydon festival) The cars were all driver owned policar classic formula1 cars using non-trued non-glued f22 supplied by the organisers. My perception of track was positive. More like ninco (spanish) than any other track surface. The rail sleeving works well. The surface grips well but aesthetically, not like a road surface with its shiny and geometric surface patterning. Maybe a couple of years of hard use will soften the look of the track surface. I would really like to see how this track shapes up when used for more common, higher power cars. I can see many UK clubs going for this product once availability of all of the track pieces becomes a reality. AlanW - London
  3. Perversely, I admire your laziness Slot.it website has 30 pages of "mechanical spares" and no search facility, so here you go... Pink 23 Green 24 Orange 25 Blue 26 Black 27 Yellow 28 Violet 29 Red 30 The offset gear set are all white so you don't have any other option than to count them. AlanW London
  4. I haven't seen any documentation that the sc0025b might pull more on one side that the other. The can is open both sides. However, If you can test the motor and do find that it can be rotated to bring it inside the rules without breaking the motor mount, please do. Alan
  5. The motor in the Megane is a scaleauto sc00025b and is specified at approx 15 grams. Sc0025b is not a rare earth magnet motor. I have no magnet marshal and no access to such a device. It's unknown how this particular motor can be running at 4 times spec. I have agreed with Paul to take the the 5 point hit for each round. Alan
  6. The anticipation is palpable. The tension mounts Will the foreign cars be able to cut it on Aussie tracks? .. or will they be sent home battered and bruised ?
  7. If you open an S-can can to change components , this causes stress in the tabs that hold the end bell in place. Any scrutineer worth his salt wil be able to spot this with a good magnifying glass. Alan
  8. Paul, The motor in the Megane is a scaleauto sprinter2 SC0025b. Roughly equivalent to the NSR king (purple factory fit motor) except that its power delivery is a little less "grabby" than the NSR, smoother to drive, rpm slightly higher than spec. Alan https://www.pendleslotracing.co.uk/scaleauto-long-can-motor-21500rpm-sc-0025b.html
  9. See how that kind of screw up happened on my entry to the recent short TR7 rally proxy on slotracer.online Wrong tyres, no traction, painful to watch. DNS the final stage. Ouch! Alan (NonFractal)
  10. Nice breakdown of the cars in initial scrutineering. Test 1 was not a disaster for the Megane. Phew! Looks like the V3 Ortmanns worked reasonably well. Very happy Alan w. (NonFractal)
  11. Shaynus, Typically, the diameter dimension given is the visible rim after tyre is fitted. However, be aware that manufacturers usually don't quote bead/rib height or bead/rib width. Don't assume that a tyre will fit just because it has the diameter and width you are looking for. It is possible to stretch tyres somewhat, but if you use air hubs, a tight tyre will sink into the airwell, ruining the contact patch. Hope this helps. Alan W London
  12. We got nuthin' on the Germans or the Swiss when it comes to timekeeping.
  13. Alexis, Alternatively, your car could be bundled with mine back to the UK. You could pick it up from me next time you visit London slot car club at Wood Green. Alan
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