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  1. Thanks. A very interesting 3D model. I don't know anyone with a 3D printer, but that model would required quite a large printer
  2. Thank you Mtpanorama. I think both you and Shanus have provided the most logical suggestion. That is cut two lane corners. I watched a Youtube video on how to do it. It did indicate wasting one lane. That doesn't sit well with me, but I will check if I an get MDF a similar size and cut and glue a supporting piece underneath the lane that looses the inner or outer support rib. The outer lane will be longer, the same radius with a slight offset (in angle) if a short piece is connected to a long piece. All quite acceptable as it only slightly changes the overall radius of the corner.
  3. Thank you Mtpanorama. That is what I am currently doing so one circuit uses both lanes but it is always the same direction.
  4. Thanks Shaynus. I hadn't thought of that. I did try connecting two sections of standard track off set by one lane and the connectors were the wrong size. That is why I bought some single lane track to check how the single lane connecter size worked. Going hybrid is also an option if scalextric don't offer other curve options. That is wood for the single lanes. the only issue I see is making sure the road surface is the same height. It might also be a good introduction to a custom track.
  5. Does anyone know if Scalextric single lane track come in any other corner radius other than R3? I want to make a single lane track using both standard two lane track and single lane. I purchased a couple of packs of both straight and curve to check compatibility and they connect well side by side into the two lane track but R3 curve requires too much area and even more to get any interest in the curve. Using a combination of single and double track in this way would have the car travel both ways on the two lane track to complete a circuit.
  6. Druc

    New Scalextric Cars

    Is the C4157 Scalextric Holden A9X Torana the same car, except slight difference in how the roof "05" is painted with the one in C1418 Scalextric Bathurst Legends Set. I have been looking at this set for $299 and C1308 Scalextric Set Raw Power - 6.76m at $255. Both have the same track and it is a cheap way to increase my current 4.84 mtr track giving me a possible 11 + meter track cheaper than buying the individual track pieces with two cars thrown into the deal. Keeping my collection of cars mainly Aussie has lots of appeal.
  7. Druc

    NSR ASV Gt3

    Thank you both for your replies. I need to buy some paint and wanted all in the same order.
  8. Druc

    NSR ASV Gt3

    Hi, I recently bought an NSR ASV Gt3 White kit car. It is my first NSR car. I am trying to research what size allen key is required. The 2020 catalogue offers several allen key drivers. One is 4412 Violet 0.050" for NSR screws but I am confused, they also have 4411 Blue 0.95 mm for M2 screws, the grub screws in the catalogue are all listed as M2.
  9. Hi all, I have read some forum posts here, found this site researching Allen key size for NSR cars. Still not 100% sure of answer. About me and slot cars. First set, intro, was as a child too many years ago. Refreshed in the mid '90s when I bought my kids a Scalextric "Super Cats set C.804" so they/we had something to play with together. At the time I also bought a Lamborghini Diablo C.452 (green with tail lights). I buy with passion not sense I like Lamborghinis. Most recent set purchase was the Australian only release "Supercar Challenge" the week Craig Lowndes anounced his retirement from full time car racing (included Lowndes's and Van Gisburgen's last Austrlian made commodores). I also bought Tanders similar shape, but earlier commodore and Winterbottoms's Ford. Im a Holden man, but I thought someone might want to race the Ford and how can you have an Aussie V8 supercar challenge unless there is a Commodore and a Falcon. I aslo very like Aston Martins and when I was checking cars on the web site where I bought the lastest set, not sure if I can say who they are, but they do sponsor this forum, I saw NSR's ASV GTS. I bought it recently and it arrived a week ago in "white kit", because I wanted to paint it myself. I have, I think, decided on colour, but wanted to order the paint and an allen key (to adjust etc.) at the same time. But I'll post that and other questions in the appropriate topics here.
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