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  1. Thank you for your feedback, I've had a chance to have a bit of a play now since I have set up a decent home track, about 16m Carrera Digital, and I must say out of the box the slot.it McLaren can set a faster lap time (4.8s) than then mosler due to the magnet set-up in each. I've since installed a carrera magnet under the rear of the motor pod of the Mosler and it's ridiculously fast and stable (4.2s), feels like cheating, but hey my track - my rules. I took that magnet back out to go back in the carrera it came out of and put a small round magnet under the rear of the motor pod, lined up with the centreline, but its been less effective (5.2s) and now I can't match the McLaren again, dropping almost a second of its lap time. So I've added another magnet to my shopping list. I just started looking at the Thunderslot Lola mkIII, they look like a quality car with some good tuning options. I've also added that to my shopping list with some gears and suspension and magnet to see how it stacks up against these 2. I'll keep playing with the magnet down force for a while yet, but eventually I might take all the magnets out and stack them all up against each other in that format. As mentioned in previous comments with the speed of the magnets set-ups comes high speed de-slots, they weren't wrong! But the mosler is a tough little car despite its light weight, less inertia I guess.
  2. Pretty sure it's not a thing, but wouldn't it be good if you could enter in the pieces you have or the size area you have and a program would compute all the possible track layouts for your selected criteria?
  3. Righto I think I've decided on the "Superclass" contenders; https://www.armchairracer.com.au/coming-soon/nsr-0152aw-mosler-mt-900r-evo5-aw-martini-racing-63 https://www.armchairracer.com.au/cars/slot-it/slot-it-ca12d-audi-r8c-presentation-1999-10-9 https://www.armchairracer.com.au/cars/mr-slotcar/mr-slotcar-mr1044-mclaren-f1-gtr-le-mans-1996-34 Will I have any issues setting these up with: https://www.armchairracer.com.au/workshop/digital-chips/slot-it-digital-chip-o201c1-universal-in-car-digital-chip Thank you for everybody's input, I look forward to the tinkering and racing.
  4. Sounds like I'm hitting a nerve of a diehard Anti-magnet racer here! I'm not of that opinion yet, give it time. In the hobby to see all it offers. I do appreciate the challenge of getting a non-magnet racing, even the opinion that magnets is a form of cheating if you like. No magnets in real cars!, no metal track in the middle of the road either!. I reckon if there was there'd be magnets in cars for sure. I appreciate and agree with this entirely. I will have three classes set up like this. This last class I am trying to establish mainly for myself, and will be mainly a time trial style of racing is a brand vs brand, manufacturer vs manufacturer. What other 2 brands have the platform that is upgradable and tuneable to beet an NSR (Mosler)? That's cool, if the Polycars didn't have that magnetic front wing I would definitely be looking at the NSR F1, they definitely made me look at them more than once. Using the Polycars gives me exposure to another brand to tinker with. On paper the Polycar F1 is fast. Have you seen one running yet? I'll prepare my tears. It's gotta be done.
  5. Just to be clear on what I was originally asking, I haven't decided on whether I will run magnets or not in this "super class" that I want to set up for myself. My goal is to have three quality brands that I can make as fast as possible on the layout I lay down. If that means magnets, so be it. I might leave the DTM class without magnets to give the boys and I something different to experience. I want 3 quality starting points that are reasonably competitive with each other out of the box, but more importantly I want three models that I can modify to achieve "THE LAP RECORD", the car that gets modified to a point where that model can physically go no faster and holds that elusive "LAP RECORD" is the ultimate winner. (And I get all the fun along the way trying to achieve that) ONLY criteria: has to look like a car. Being a Supercar/Class c/LMP of around the turn of the century would be an advantage but not critical.
  6. Thanks peter, some good info there. Mmmm I just found something, RTR HRS2 Chassis Anglewinder, on paper it looks fast!!! But at first search I can't find anything out about them, especially how to fit a body and what type would fit!
  7. That's no fun, I'll leave the even playing field for the other classes Thank you for the links, would you say the chassis of the Revo would support motor/gear ratio swaps that could match it with the Mosler? Thanks Charles, I'll have another look at those brands again, I have looked at them all but one thing I have found in slot cars is the information, websites, are not as easily to find as when I used to race RC. My Carrera cars will only be racing other Carreras and as far as guides they'll be good being Carrera on my track, But that makes me wonder all these other cars I get, how are their guides going to be in the Carrera track, is there a good aftermarket guide that will fit these other brands that will run better in the Carrera track than their stock ones?
  8. Hello, (first post, new to slots) I am setting up a descent size Carrera Digital 132 set at home for myself and my boys to race on. Setting ourselves up with a few different classes, started with some Carrera GT cars, will have a Carrera DTM class, also getting us all a Policar F1 Monoposto for a third class. Now something I want to do on a bit more of an advanced level is buy a NSR Mosler and two other competitive brand/models that would give the Mosler a run for it's money out of the box and with slight mods. Now I've done a spreadsheet of models to compare motor rpm/gear ratio out of the box and its clear to see why the Mosler has a name for it's self out of the box. I've also calculated that on paper the SLOT.IT Audi R8C should be very close in top speed to the Mosler. What I am asking advice on is a third brand/model that stacks up against those two. My requirements would be #1 quality, readily available information (a good website), available parts and upgrades, and similar race era/class appearance. I was looking at the MRSLOTCAR McLaren F1 GTR but information is limited, I worry the extra weight might be a slowing factor, despite the fact I would like to tinker with a metal chassis, and on paper it's motor/gear ratio combo calculates to a slower contender. Recommendations for a third car to mix it with the Mosler?
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