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  1. Thanks for the replies. Patto's decals...now why does that name ring a bell...wonder if he does truck decals, if so I may have talked to him before many moons ago. Isnt scalextric all 1/32 ? forgive my ignorance if it isnt all 1/32. Last set I had was 20 years or more ago. It is still probably in a storage container somewhere. However the thought process was to buy all the bathurst winners in diecast. Then I though what a waste just sitting on the shelf un-usable. Thus if I can do this in scalextric at least we can show the grandkids old cars that we can physically race and have fun with them together. Just hope I can achieve the end result, 6 old time bathurst winners racing around against each other seems like a heap of fun. It also opens their minds to something different than playstation, xbox fun. Regards to all.
  2. Hello all. Is it possible to buy all the cars that were bathurst winners. I wish to collect all of them and are unsure if you can get them or if there are people who do the decal sets. Totally new to this and dont know what to buy..digital or analogue. Regards all.
  3. Hello and thanks for a great site. I am hoping to get help here for the dream setup for the grandkids. A full set of bathurst winning cars on a decent track for them. Can anyone point me to links that might help. So many questions to ask so sorry if I get over-bearing. Do I need digital track to have 6 cars on track or do you all use old track ? Once I get around the forum pages I should know where to post questions. Regards to you all.
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