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  1. I spied you on Greg's WWChat this week! Haven't watched it all yet, so don't know if you said anything.
  2. Just true the tyres and put on some soft braids and you should be fine.
  3. Thanks for the videos, and... Have a Happy Christmas
  4. Paul Thanks to you and the team for running the round, and for the video. My car is obviously 'work in progress' so it is really fascinating to watch how each car handles these tracks in the context of the race result. One question...what prompted Alistair to look at the underside of my car at the end of my 'review' run? Just curious as to whether it was a good reason or a bad one?!?
  5. Hope you will all be wearing Christmas jumpers? Or do you do Christmas Speedos?
  6. Paul What size is your figure of eight test track? I'm thinking it would be quite an effective tuning tool for me as I have no access to wood tracks nearby. I'm thinking I need to up my game here and am looking at putting something together. Cheers Jeremy
  7. Thanks for all the results and data. I loved the post-race comments on my Honda...."No comment". That actually says a lot! The next car just needs to be the same, but better allround! And on that note, I have just got my car for next year, so no changing of the 'touring car' aspect to this series please!
  8. Sorry Paul. Overenthusiastic newcomer spoiler alert!
  9. Good luck for the running! ("another power track"........great, just great!)
  10. I haven't even looked at what's going on at the front of the grid! I suppose we all proxy for different reasons. This year I am data gathering (in the absence of performance!) and next year I will be hoping for improvements on this year, and the year after I hope to be turning down all your requests for how I managed to beat all these racers on their home tracks.
  11. I'll take "looks fast", but PM sent to Old Man about how to actually make a Honda Civic fast!
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