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  1. Run it when it's fun! We can only enjoy it if you do.
  2. So last year went something like this...first column Figure of 8 position, second column Race Series position Fo8 - RS 1 - 4th 2 - 1st 3 - 7th 4 - 8th 5 - 18th 6 - 6th 7 - 11th 8 - 5th 9 - 14th 10 - 2nd 11 - 3rd 12 - 13th 13 - 10th 14 - 9th 15 - 15th 16 - 17th 17 - 16th 18 - 12th So there were some movers, and some stayers...no real pattern!
  3. I just looked at last years 'Figure of 8' qualifying times, and this year the range of times seem to be around 0.2s quicker. And I might try and work out how representative the qualifying order was last year in relation to the end of series leaderboard...
  4. OK...thought I had read it was over. Got to look after each other, fun will just have to wait!
  5. Paul Lockdown over yet? Got any plans for the weekend...looking to get out to meet any other slot car buddies? BAR
  6. There is a sneak preview of the final two cars running round the loops on Paul's YouTube channel.
  7. New video uploaded for late arrivals and us late developers! Middle for diddle will do me!
  8. Or in my case, will the power of the motor be able to overcome the friction from the gear mesh and move the car in a forward direction. But it looks like Mr Gunn might have worked out a way through all the smoke and mirrors!
  9. No, I sure he said he would do it this (UK) afternoon, so he is probably editing the videos now, and they will be uploaded in a couple of hours...
  10. Anyway, this is all part of my 3 year plan to move off the bottom position.
  11. Worse than that...what if it runs well? How will I be able to savour the moment with a clear conscience! Of course, if it still runs poorly...
  12. Thank you. Lesson learnt. Hopefully I can join in the fun now!
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