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  1. Hi Paul, what are the travel arrangements for the UK cars?
  2. Perhaps run a small series sufficient to pinpoint how each car could be made better? Then it gives some purpose to your efforts.
  3. Thanks for persevering with this year's series! Really enjoyed the videos of each round, you can't beat seeing how your car performs, but hearing your comments was always a bonus. I enjoy the packaging challenges of a small car, but it's clear you need a bigger car to handle these motors on these circuits. Will be going 'big' next year, but won't get too excited yet as my one experience of pre-qualifying did not end well...
  4. I'll be going over to the other side for the next series...DTM rather than BTCC!
  5. Tyres...i put on some urethanes this time, but I have no experience of them at all. Next time round, I think I will be going for some G25 rubber!
  6. I would welcome any information you can gleam on gear ratios used on those leading cars, cheers.
  7. Thank you for all the effort you had to put in over the series!
  8. Just had our hottest day ever here in the UK. Sometimes this planet seems very small, at other times, the opposite side seems like a world away!
  9. That's a bit different to others on the roster. Can't see that it has been used on this proxy in the past couple of years.
  10. Yeah, that's all good stuff thank you. This proxy is a great challenge!
  11. Thanks for running the round. I would welcome your thoughts on the possible reasons behind the differences in performance between my lagging small Honda and, for example, Brumos's small Clio rocketship!
  12. So when are we going to race on a track that suits an OAP Honda owner on a gentle Sunday afternoon drive?
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