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  1. @rosco01Bought some of the Tamiya product yesterday.
  2. @Garry Jwent to buy some yesterday at a hobby shop and he didn't stock it. Only had tamiya putty which I was going to get for doing some fine dent repairs. However I still have to get some.
  3. Hey Chas thanks for this.
  4. @rosco01I have been caught out over the years detailing things and then find they don't fit. I remember doing a 1961 Triumph Tiger 110 and this happended.
  5. Vince I love that car you built. If my one turns out 1/.2 as good I will be a happy man. What yellow did you use?
  6. @rosco01The body is getting there. I applying the same logic as when I build a 1:1 car or bike and that is test fit everything then paint and detail.
  7. @Vinno what interior did you use? I am going to do this build as well. Ordered the decals from Patti and am in the middle of doing the body. @rosco01 thanks for the detail inspiration.
  8. @Garry JThanks I will hunt it down. Cheers Warren
  9. Hi All Yesterday I received my LJ Torana & HQ Monaro resin bodies. Today I started giving them the once over and noticed on both that they need a fair bit of work. Areas like around the windows need to be built up and straightened. I was thinking about using something like JB Weld or a similar epoxy. Or is tamiya putty ok? Help will be greatly appreciated. This is my first build.
  10. @mus-28no go on the Bluebird so back to the drawing board.
  11. Would love to see more detail of that track. Great collection you have.
  12. @mus-28Thanks very much for this. I will make contact with them and let you know. Just made contact and its looking really promising.
  13. @Vinno I have two PCR chassis coming for my original dick Johnson Sierra's that I will be grafting the PCR chassis in. When my Slot.it Nissan gets here hopefully the Sierra's will be sorted. I have a couple of M3's that I might have to give a birthday present as you are doing. :-)
  14. It has to be under scale if it is to fit in to a standard case. The original car is huge so it's a no brainer.
  15. @Vinno Thanks for this.I'll keep an eye out for Nimrod. I got on to a guy who is looking into it. I really liked the George Fury Car.
  16. @Vinnoi work in a chaotic world where I travel about 30 plus weeks a year so I get where you're coming from.
  17. Oldskool62

    Nissan Bluebird

    I have always loved the George Fury Nissan Bluebird since the first day it raced. Yes I am a V8 nut but there was something about this car. Does anyone know of a resin body for this car in 1/32? I'd love to add it to my Aussie race car collection. Cheers
  18. @VinnoI'm 59 next week and my retirement day is coming hopefully soon.
  19. Oldskool62

    Vx Commodore

    You are spot and n. All the cars are the same dimensions and they had to make the body panels fit I had a lot to do with both the freightliner and alliance cars. People who have not gotten close to these cars would not believe how the panels are manipulated to fit. Look at the mustang roof height and the commodores length.
  20. I have mentioned this in another thread but I have a couple of these Sierra's. Last week I ordered 2 PCR chassis for the latest models and plan to modify them to fit the early body. Bit of creactive cutting and you never know your luck in the big city.
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