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  1. @rosco01That looks fantastic. Thanks by the way for the additional details of issues and what works. It will help us novices along the way.
  2. @Shaynuslooks fantastic. What chassis did you go with?
  3. Hey JeremyB welocme on board. I think there is a lot of us who can relate to you absence. Better late than never.
  4. @NimROD444That looks like a pretty good starting point. Flairs and so forth and the George Fury beast will come to 1/32 life.
  5. @NimROD444 I shot you off a PM.
  6. @NimROD444Thanks for the explanation.
  7. I have done my LJ bumper and other chrome detailing using the molotow paint pen. It was then covered with the automotive acrylc lacquer and presto. The next car I do I am going to give the floor polish a workout but only after I learnt the art of applying it.
  8. @slotmadmacGreat job. I could go either way on the tray but if push come to shove I would agree with you about the recessed tray.
  9. @gazzaThe angle of the dangle is always the most important calculation . Seriously though for me that Monaro is up there with some of our best race cars looks wise.
  10. @Vinnothanks mate I will get there over the next few days. Cheers Warren
  11. @gazzaThere were other great colours over the years. The one I want to do is the tangerine one. I guess the reason is that I had that colour myself and when I forst saw the Bob Jane car in that colour years ago it hit me.
  12. @kalbfellpThanks Phil. As mentioned I had a HQ Monaro in that colour however I thought someone might have painted one already and might have known what colour off the shelf from Tamiya would be the go. I think I will give my lovely wife the decals I got from Patto and see what she can get me in Acrylic that's close (It's a pain being colour blind). And if I'm really nice She might mix the colour for me.
  13. @rosco01thanks for the reply. I think I will do as you suggest. I had a HQ Monaro that I think was the same colour. I think the colour was Tangerine.
  14. Hi All, I am currently gearing up to start on my Bob Jane HQ Monaro build. Got the decals from Patto which will have it in the 73 livery. Can someone tell me what is the Tamiya paint to use for the red/orange that the car was painted in? Cheers Warren
  15. @grt I have the same Richards car and those two posts have been removed also. For me it didn't matter as the car didn't have a chassis so I just mounted up a HRS2 sidewinder chassis kit and mounted the body to the height I wanted. Cheers Warren
  16. @gazza thanks for putting the story up, Interesting story especially when it was my era growing up. Cheers Warren
  17. That's cool. Brings back a lot of memories. We need the other pages of the rod story
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