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  1. @charlesx sent an email off tho you.
  2. Vinnie I put my order in A few days ago for one of each. I wasn't a Jag fan back in the day but I am happy Scalextric has released the car as it is important.
  3. Hi Terry. Welcome on board. I will look up you page on facebook. Cheers Warren
  4. Oldskool62

    Calderwood Valley

    @Vinnolooking good. NB: I used to live in Emu Plains
  5. @MrFlippantThanks for taking the time to put thisvideo together. As a new comer to more serious slot cars racing and knowing little about controllers it took away some of the confusion I had. I have always just been an old school controller guy who ignored any of the bells and whistles as I always looked at controllers as something all racers should use the same. I guess this attitude gets back to the rich kid having the best bike and the poor kid having the best talent. In saying all this I need to get on board and get a controller.
  6. Guys well done. For a country with the population you have the results achieved in lots of activities are amazing.
  7. Fantastic work. Great to hear that you race them.
  8. @rosco01looking forward to the road tests.
  9. Very sad news indeed. Taken way too you.
  10. Chas I'd be really interested to see your setup. Aside from the tyres I'd like to do the plastic wheels.
  11. @SlotsNZI( have checked a few sponsors and from what I can gather they are out of stock.
  12. @Chrisguyw thanks for that. I don't think we have any domestic made anymore.
  13. @rosco01Very true statement my friend. What you are building and do build are high quality slot cars.
  14. Thanks Mark for adding to my confusion . I guess its a matter of finding out what is available.
  15. @ChrisguywThanks for taking the time to detail the different systems. I have a collection of cars that include Plastic and alloy wheels. All the builds I do are using HRS2 chassis which has a combination of both alloy and plastic .
  16. Chris I am up for a recommendation. The tire razor was the original one I wanted to go with.
  17. @rosco01Amazing work on that chassis and equally amazingly detailed commentary. On my LJ build I ended up using posts for the body mount as I used a Cortina chassis.
  18. Very sad indeed. A few weekends ago I was showing someone a YouTube clip of Murray being taken around MT panorama. Godspeed
  19. My local club uses one of the Proses Truer and it seems to work ok. Curious to see others thoughts.
  20. @Wobbleshe has been endowed with both.
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