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  1. @Sports Racer I have an LJ Torana that is on a Cortina chassis and running gear. The guy I bought the Cortina off raced it and as far as I can see the tyres are true'd and thats it. It's a sweet balanced car that surprised me because it feels better now than when it had the Cortina body on it.
  2. @SlotsNZ Mark don't get me wrong the HRS2 chassis kit is a ripper. I have used over a dozen in the last 4 months. Interesting I've used 2 sidewinders and the rest have been inline. The inline gives you that little bit more room width wise to throw some bigger feet under it. Just a side note I use the ch57b mounts on most builds that allow for them.
  3. @big denthanks for this. I saw one in the flesh and the quality got me.
  4. @SlotsNZMark I'd love to be able to buy the scaleauto ready to run chassis kit for my builds and get away from the HRS2 kit. I really think they are a better option however no one in OZ sells them and I also noticed that Pendleslot have no more stock.
  5. @rosco01Firstly great to see a post from you. I miss your detail. Secondly I am glad that you also have learnt about this brace. Cheers Warren
  6. @Chrisguywloos good. As a beginner trying to learn the dark arts of tuning what does an axle brace do?
  7. Oldskool62

    Sex on Wheels

    It is a hot looking bit of gear.
  8. @Lotus24welcome on board. Enjoy your stay.
  9. Guys I'd love to grace your shores one year for this event.
  10. @charlesxChas looking forward to reading about both.
  11. @charlesxYou should be ashamed . Hey I'd love a dollar for the amount of "assuming" I have done. Some of my "assuming" has been very costly. One of the things I love about forums like this is the chiming in when required.
  12. @charlesxWow what a write up Chas. Thanks for this. Curious to see how they perform against NSR's
  13. @JohnnoI currently live in the Blue mountains. Hopefully we will be moved into Wingham by the end of June once our house sells. The house in Wingham is on the high.side so aside from water in the garage no other damage.
  14. Hi I have just started the move to Wingham. I should be settled in in a month or two. Wingham raceway will be a while away as the shed needs to be built.
  15. I have a red Ferrari 412 on backorder. Curious to see what its like. I think it arrives this month. After that I will order a generic F1 car as well. Harry Wise done a clip on them and went through some details for the front end and improving it. Cheers Warren
  16. They get the thumbs up from this boy as well. Mark any word on how they go against other brands? I watched a Home Racing World video and they were said to be rocket ships. Could be a good reason to reignite those video talents again.
  17. @gazzabelated happy birthday.
  18. @gazzaI'm doing the Bob Jane HQ Monaro in that shot. The clear affected the colour badly like it melted so I need to repaint one side. NB: that Torana looks like a future project
  19. @ZeGasAh I never thought of those.
  20. Hi All I am currently finishing. A Bob Jane HQ Monaro. I ended up buying the pressure pack can of TS-12 Orange to do the job @rosco01next job will be airbrush. My question is what other cars use this colour? I know the Bob Jane Camaro uses it but does for example the valiant chargers, HT-G-K Monaro's or any other car use this colour? Freightliner racing did a livery for the retro round and used it. JUST seems a waste not to use the rest of the can. thanks in advance. Cheers Warren
  21. I got given a few Holden and Ford bodies so I ended up putting slot.it HRS2 chassis kits so all my cars are competitive with one another.
  22. @SlotsNZ thanks for the write up. Really interesting read.
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