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  1. @mattcrackers up until Covid and now retirement I used to got to WA quire a bit and enjoy you Red Back Brewery and now little creatures.
  2. @mattcrackersI think it's good to work on things that are a little different.
  3. @VinnoI an hearing you. Been retired for 3 weeks now and still can't fit enough into the day. In saying that it's not a bad problem to have.
  4. Going off some of the crazy prices on eBay I wonder how much my Allan Moffat mustang is worth now
  5. @NimROD444 Thanks for this. can't wait to get started on it. Now to start hunting decals.
  6. @Shaynus Just bought one off John Shultz on Facebook a few weeks ago. Pretty good print.
  7. @kalbfellpPhil can you put me down for one please. The icing on the cake for my collection. Now to hunt the XR.
  8. @NimROD444I would like to see one of the Alpha's that ran in Bathurst. Also an XR & XT Falcon, which I cannot find at all.
  9. @NimROD444Looks spot on. Well daone.
  10. Great looking car. Can't wait to hear the track report.
  11. Oldskool62

    Track Number 4

    #@johnno mate hanging is an understatement.
  12. Oldskool62

    Track Number 4

    @JohnnoI'll see how I go but this one will be a mercy dash. Dropping off a load and back to Sydney. I got my latest slot car arrivals a Bob Jane Camaro, javelin, NASCAR charger and dick Johnson falcon to bring to their new home and meet the rest of the bunch. Mate I am over the moving but the finish line is close and the journey is almost over.
  13. Oldskool62

    Track Number 4

    @johnno coming up this weekend with another load. We should be on on the 29th June. Cannot wait and thanks for reaching out.
  14. @dangermouse G'day David I am the proud owner of at least 1/2 dozen of John's prints in both print types. Great guy and good quality. Cheers Warren
  15. Oldskool62

    Sorell Creek Track

    @MalomayFantastic work. Must be a buzz putting the place in your layout where your dad and uncle watched the race.
  16. @Kevan Thanks for the reply! I have no CAD experience but I do have a daughter who is a computor game design which is a 3Dmodelling world. She is there for me as a resource. The other thing I am hoping to have a lot of in the bear future is time and hopefully I will be able to learn programs related to this part of the hobby. What I want to do with the 3D printer is print figures, building parts such as doors and windows and maybe have a crack at printing a body or 2. I have to date built quite a few slot cars and have about I think at last count about 20 odd sitting there for their turn to be built. And that number doesn't include what resin or 3D bodies I have on order. In saying this I am still not sold 100% on 3D printed bodies as some of my best detailed builds have been with resin bodies so I don't see resin bodies going out of my life. @SlotsNZMark I would really like to hear his expertise. I love to learn and when I'm trying to learn something research mode kicks in and off on the educational adventure I go . Your video's for me were priceless. One of the beauties of forums is the resource pool of members on tap as well as the many many threads from days gone by. Cheers Warren
  17. @MrFlippantthe plan is and fingers crossed I can retire within the next two months. Hopefully technology and prices are more favourable by then hahahaha.
  18. @MrFlippantThanks for the reply! I did ask the question elsewhere on this forum in another post but it must have been looked at that I was cutting in and that's why I started a new thread. Regarding printing; I just showed my vast knowledge of 3D printing to the world, mistaking material for a process hahaha. I guess we all need to start somewhere. What I have learnt is that I need to understand what I want to print before thinking about materials and process. When the time comes to bale on work I want to build a track and incorporate diorama (another interest) into the layout and printing my own bits will save a bit of money. Once again thanks for taking time to reply. Cheers Warren
  19. @kalbfellp Thanks for the reply! I do like detail in my builds and that's why I have mostly stuck to resin cast bodies. In saying that I have now done about 6 3D printed bodies of each type of print and I have to agree that even the resin printed bodies take some work. Thanks for the HRW link. I do get on there and now facebook quite a bit .NB: Again appreciate your reply. Cheers Warren
  20. Hey All Well hopefully early retirement is only a few months away. So with the prospect of having a while bunch of time in my hands I'm looking at getting a 3D printer but unsure of which way to go. Not knowing anything about it other than made slot cars from printed bodies made of either PLA or resin. What is your preference PLA or resin? And what printer should I look at. Cheers Warren.
  21. @VinnoI would love to see some progress shots along the way. You have got me really interested in the taillights. Cheers Warren
  22. @gazzathey look trick. I'm looking at getting a 3D printer but unsure of which way to go. What printers have you got? What's your preference PLA or resin to print with? Cheers Warren
  23. Looks great @Vinno. I'm using park green.
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