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  1. @gazzaI'm 6 weeks into retirement and don't know where I had time to fit work in
  2. @VinnoMy focus is the same Aussie cars or cars that raced here.
  3. As @Vinnosaid I use Excel as well. You can add photo's if you want as well. No need to buy or get a fancy program.
  4. @johnno appreciate it big time. I guess a big part of starting this thread was to get a handle of what brands have their strengths in certain categories as well as what strengths some of those "other brands" have. A bit of a learning 101 exercise into each of the brands. As mentioned I was impressed no end when My friend gave me a Scaleauto to play with and pull down. He rated them highly to the point he put them up there with Thunderslot which he considers just behind NSR and above Slot.it My head spins
  5. @Vinnothanks mate. I'll start having a quick browse to see what our friends across the ditch are doing.
  6. @VinnoThanks mate It's a bit like opening a can of worms topic. Thanks for you thoughts as well. Most of the time I get a buzz out of playing with what I put together but now I'd like to go down the rabbit hole a little further. The plan will be join the club and will do as you suggest. I'd like to arm myself with a couple before I get there.
  7. Oldskool62

    Different Brands

    I have been playing around with Slot Cars for a while. Most of my spend has been on cars that I love that specific model and not so much the performance of the car. The turn on cars for me have always been the Australian and American Muscle cars either off the shelf cars or buying bare bodies off some very talented people (you know who you are ). Most of the builds have been using HRS2 chassis which for me give me the flexibility it offers as well as "reasonable performance. The plan is get involved in a club and have a play which I briefly did while living in Sydney. Now I'm retired up the coast I'm hoping to join a fairly active club here and now need to start looking at some cars. to join. Currently I have around 130 plus cars mostly Scalextric or Carrera or built because I like that model. Aside from a couple I don't have any shelf queens. Over the last year or so I have tested the water and bought a few cars based on what I read here and elsewhere (thank you). Currently I have a Black Arrow GT3 , MrSlotcar 787B, NSR P68, GT40MkIV & Audi R18 and Slot.it Porsche 956, 962 & Nissan R90. I do have a Policar 412P Ferrari on order (been on order for ages). I don't have any Revo, Scaleauto, Thunderslot, Ninco, Sideways and so on. A friend for example has a few Scaleauto's and they look pretty trick but they don't seem too popular. Is there a rule of thumb for each of the brands as to who makes the best in a specific car category ie Can Am etc ? This is what I need to learn and being limited in funds not want to test the water too much. Cheers Warren
  8. A few months back I got my first Black Arrow. Tried it out on @Johnnotrack a few weeks ago. I was pretty impressed considering all that all that was done was a quick front set up. Will be a nice car when it is properly tuned.
  9. I really want to get some Scaleauto cars. The build and design looks good.
  10. Harry Wise from Home racing world has tone a ton of video's on carrera tuning. Check his youtube channel as well as the HRW website
  11. The 962 looks trick in the Shell livery. I was going to get the 956 with Rothmans livery but last week I ended up buying two NSR's the Martini P68 and the black GT40mk4. Now I'm not working
  12. @mtpanoramaIt was an EL. Until I see the shot quite possibly and more than likely could have been a Mondeo.
  13. @mattcrackers Matt I'll see if I can get a photo. From what I was told they were done for the staff and major customers. I also hadn't heard of them until I spoke to my mate.
  14. I know a guy whom I worked with at Komatsu who has got a couple Scalextric Alan Jones Komatsu Falcons. They was released by the company to the employees at the time; unfortunately for me about 6 months before I started. I was talking to him about 3 weeks ago and told him that I recently retired. We got on to the conversation of slot cars as he has got some pretty desirable sets from the 60's and 70's. He told me he still had a couple of the Alan Jones cars still unboxed. I'm thinking of asking if he wants to sell one but not sure about the dollars to offer him?
  15. It's quite sad when people try and "bend" things under the table. Skill of the competitors using specific guidelines is what it's all about.
  16. @gazzaThanks for these. It will be good watching these today. I have subscribed to super100MPH for a while now, They have some great stuff. Does anyone know what happened to them as the new content hasn't been uploaded for some time?
  17. @tsmsoccerAside from the the above suggestions, if you have a local bearing place like CBC bearings or Brearing Services etc they will measure and supply really cheap. There are different materials used in orings and they may suggest a different material.
  18. @Vinnoyes mate got out of Dodge at the beginning of July. My last day of work was July 30th and I'm still getting used to not working.
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